The New Burchfield Penny Art Center

The New Burchfield Penny Art Center

DATE: Saturday, April 25th, 2009 at 9PM in the new Burchfield-Penny Art Center
THEME: The Romance of Urban Decay” 

“The Romance of Urban Decay” is an upcoming Charles Burchfield exhibition that is scheduled for April22, 2009 – August 16th, 2009 at the new Burchfield Penny Museum. The Buffalo State College RUNWAY 2.0 show will reflect the “The Romance of Urban Decay” for the spring 2009 show. Here is a link to the BSC RUNWAY Fashion Show 2008 that was held at the Albright Knox Gallery in Buffalo, NY.


  • Senior Collection – open only to FTT students registered in the Senior project class at Buffalo State College.
  • BSC Students: Open to all full and/or part-time Buffalo State College students
  • WNY Community: Open to all non-students from the WNY area.

Some images in Burchfield’s work are of urban life in the depression years; romantic and/or fantastic interpretation of nature. Areas of inspiration are the streets, harbor [ex. decaying wooden grain elevators], railroad yards, the WNY countryside. Architectural jewels such as the Richardson Complex and Buffalo City Hall as well as Olmstead parks. Buffalo is one of only two cities that can boast of buildings designed by Wright, Sullivan and Richardson.

JURY: Submissions will be juried by: Elaine Polvinen, MFA, Coordinator of the Fashion textile Technology Program; Erin Habes (formerly of Sweet & Dirty Boutique and producer of the RUNWAY 2008 show), the CW23 Girl: Lydia and  Michael Poczkalski & Michael Brugh (co-owners of room on Elmwood Avenue) and Joan Fedyszyn [fashion guru of Buffalo].


DOWNLOAD ENTRY FORM HERE: Entry form should be submitted along with garment. Each individual garment piece should have your name located somewhere on it.

ENTRY FEE: required only for non-student entries: $5.00 per garment entry.

ENTRY SUBMISSION DATES: March 25th, 2009 – April 1st, 2009


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