RUNWAY 2.0 Hats & Shoes Exhibit

 “Hats: Inspiration – Quotation – Interpretation”


The hats on display at BPAC during “Runway” extravaganza fashion show are a preview of the “Hats: Inspiration – Quotation – Interpretation” project currently on exhibit [4/22/09 – 5/17/09] at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society Museum in Buffalo. The exhibition covers historical hats and accessories from the museum collections and one of-a-kind hats that resulted from an international collaboration of Buffalo State College students and students from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Main organizer of the I-Q-I project was The Liptov Gallery of Peter Michal Bohun in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

If you have further questions please contact Jozef Bajus, Associate Professor, Coordinator of Fiber/Design Program at 716 – 878 – 4133 – Fiber office or via email at Please visit our BSC ” Design Department ” Fiber/Design web page to learn more about our program and Hats project.

Shoes: The Cinderella Project

Cinderella Project

Students enrolled in Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design II reinterpreted a footwear item using a minimum of two materials, making a connection between title and image, concept and three-dimensional form. By taking a shoe and translating it into different materials, not only is the object transformed, but, also the viewer’s perception of reality. This objective and subjective perceptual transformation can actually shake up notions of politics, religion, nature, technology, personal or social space.

If you have further questions about The Cinderella Project exhibit please contact Carol Townsend, Chair and Associate Professor, Design Department at 716 – 878-6032 or via email at


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