RUNWAY 2.0 Nancy Belfer Award Winners


The judges for the RUNWAY 2.0 show were Nancy Belfer [left, sponsor of the Nancy Belfer Senior Collection Award], David Tanner, Corey Moran, Joan Fedyszyn, Danae Dade and Mindy Shine. The award announcement took place after the evening show at the the post show reception.

A quote from Nancy,

“When I think about the RUNWAY 2.0 performance last Saturday night, only superlatives come to mind.  The production was so professional, thanks to Erin, so exciting and at times so outrageous.  But best of all, the STUDENTS.  Thanks to David and Elaine.  Each gave their very best….it was so heartfelt and joyous!  They were all winners and the enthusiastic response of the audience left no doubt about it.”

The jury was tied for the RUNWAY 2.0 award winner so they split the $1000.00 award to the following two student designers: Julia Oakes and Ti Zhou.

Congratulations to Julia and Ti!

Julia Oakes

Julia Oakes

Julia Oakes Collection

Julia Oakes Collection

Ti Zhou

Ti Zhou

Ti Zhou Collection

Ti Zhou Collection




4 responses to “RUNWAY 2.0 Nancy Belfer Award Winners

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  2. Brenda Hamiton

    Ti congradulations. there was a reason I told you that I liked you work and now you know why, God’s blessing go with you. Your classmate Brenda Hamilton.

  3. 周易 你的好样的.你给咱中国人争脸了.

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