In addition to the talent and creativity that will be showcased at Runway 3.0 on May 1st, Buffalo anticipates the presence of an  exciting and much accomplished collective of four guest judges. The judges, listed below, will only be present at the 9pm show. They will view the show and decide who will be the Runway 3.0 Award Winner and the recipient of the Nancy Belfer Senior Collection Award of $1,000.


1) ROY CHAN: Brand Manager for Benetton (Asia,) VP of Merchandising for Tommy Hilfiger International, Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Sportswear, SVP of Polo International, and CEO of Evisu Denim.

2) JAMI GALBRAITH: Director of Licensed Products for Tommy Hilfiger (USA) and Tommy Hilfiger (Europe,) and Director of Licensing Development for Diane von Furstenberg.

3) TORREY ACRI: Copy Editor for BLUEFLY, Copy/Marketing Manager for Bloomingdales, Docent MET Costume/Fashion Institute, and Senior Marketing Editor for American Eagle and Aerie by American Eagle.

Welcome, Judges, to Runway 3.0 Technology: Progression/Obsession!!!



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