The 99% of the designs below were developed in the FTT308 FashionCAD class. Fashion students donated the use of these designs to help increase the Fashion Student Scholarship Fund. The proceeds for the printed items go to ZAZZLE but the royalties for the use of the designs will go directly into the FTT Fund. All ZAZZLE items can be modified to fit into different categories [men,women, children,babies] and many different styles and colors are available. You can also modify the tote bag styles and cup styles. If you go directly to the BSCRUNWAY ZAZZLE store you can look at a design really close up.

Please visit the BSCRUNWAY 3.0 ZAZZLE Store.



If anyone would like to donate directly to the fund please send your donation to: Buffalo State College, Technology Department/Fashion Technology Program, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, 314/315 Upton Hall, Buffalo, NY 14222. Make contribution payable to: Buffalo State Foundation/#200716 – FTT Scholarship Fund



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