The Cinderella Project @ Runway 3.0

Runway 3.0 is fortunate to have another edition of  The Cinderella Project 2010 exhibited this coming Saturday. The exhibit is created by Design department students of Carol Townsend.  Some of this year’s creations are pictured above.

Students enrolled in Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design II reinterpreted a footwear item using a minimum of two materials, making a connection between title and image, concept and three-dimensional form, thereby transforming the viewer’s perception of reality. This objective and subjective perceptual transformation can actually shake up notions of politics, nature, technology, and personal or social space.

If you have further questions about The Cinderella Project exhibit, please contact Carol Townsend, Associate Professor, Buffalo State Design Department at 716-878-4986 or via email at

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a link to last years Cinderella exhibit at Runway 2.0.




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