Runway 3.0 Wearable Art Award Winner

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The winner of the $500 Wearable Art Award sponsored by Elaine Polvinen [see: Runway 3.0 Wearable Art Design Award] is Diane Meyer. Diane is an exceptionally talented student that has cross trained in apparel design, fashion & design technologies from the FTT program and fiber design w/Jozef Bajus from the fiber program.

Diane states that her primary creative inspiration for the Technology: Obsession Progression theme has been,

“The construction and destruction of technologically advanced structures through the ages.”

Kuddos Diane!



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10 responses to “Runway 3.0 Wearable Art Award Winner

  1. Julie Becker

    Contratulations Diane!

  2. Karen Rose

    Congratulations! You go girl!!

  3. Heidi Sue Mumm

    Congratulations Diane

  4. Congratulations Diane — GI does good!

  5. Laurie Williams

    Congratulations Diane. I’ve seen you grow up in the arts and you are a true success story.

  6. Theresa Quider

    What an amazing job! You’re so very talented! Congratulations and good luck!

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