Interview with Senior Designer Samantha Seccombe

Q: Tell me how your collection is going for the show!
A: Everything is really starting to take shape.  It began as stressful, but it is really exciting to see what you imagined on paper transform into something real.  All of the hours that were put into this have definitely paid off!

Q: Fashion is obviously a huge part of your life, tell me a little bit about what fashion means to you…
A: Fashion is a way to show people who you are on the inside by looking at you from the outside.  It is a means of expression that can be as wild or subdued as you want it to be; it is a wonderful and challenging art form that I have really gained an appreciation of over the past few years.

Q: The theme of the show is “Diversity Mash”, how does diversity play a part in your life?
A:   I think diversity plays a part in all of our lives, especially in America.  Fashion is what it is today because of the blending of so many different cultures and beliefs.  There is such a variety in the fashion industry and that’s part of what makes it so special.

Q: How do you think Runway 4.0 will differ from the previous fashion shows?
A: I think that all of the previous shows have been great!  It differs from year to year because every student is different and provides their own unique concepts of how they define fashion.

Q:  Buffalo’s Fashion is certainly growing. How do we differ from other places like NYC and L.A.?
A:  The feel of Buffalo is definitely closer to that of NYC than it is to LA.  I think Buffalo has a growing fashion industry with plenty of young designers emerging from the Buffalo State program.  Many places in Buffalo have such an eclectic feel, like Elmwood Village, Allen, and Main Street, that you can please a variety of different types of people with interesting designs.

Q: Who are some of your inspirations?
A: John Galliano! I am in love with Galliano and he is the reason I decided to pursue Fashion Design.  I think that he is, without a doubt, one of the most talented designers who have ever lived.  Even though there has been controversy surrounding him lately that I don’t agree with, I believe he will get back on his feet and continue to create beautiful artwork.


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