Fiber Design Program – Runway 4.0 & Display Sneak Preview

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[Photography by Bruce Fox, Buffalo State College]

Deconstructed Screen Printing technique covered various methods from predictable to unpredictable and beyond. Experimenting with deconstructed printing, photo emulsion and stencils gave the students a wide range of possibilities. Using thickened dyes, textile paint and a wax resist on different materials allowed the students to explore mark making and textures in 2D as well as in 3D forms. Experimenting was a big part of the process and the variations were endless. Exploring different ranges of techniques such as felting, embroidery, shibori, appliqué, papermaking and mixed media was an exciting part of the creative process. Other new techniques featured at the Runway 4.0 were Nuno felting in combination with Deconstructed Screen Printing. 

Our main focus for Runway 4.0 was on creating new patterns, yardage on silk, rayon and cotton – for actual garments as well as for wall hanging artworks at our stationary display. Diversity Mash was in our case also a celebration of different vintage textile materials, found objects, combined together in a search for a final form/transformation of those reclaimed/recycled pieces. Part of the wearable art collection is also included in a special Fiber Design Wearable Art category of the fashion show.

Jozef Bajus, Associate Professor
Coordinator of the Fiber/Design Program at BSC


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