Runway 4.0 Sneak Preview: Buffalo Loves Cotton Fashion Mash

The Buffalo State Loves Cotton Project is a collaborative Fashion and Textile Technology program educational research grant sponsored by Cotton Inc. and awarded to Professor Lynn Boorady. It represents a collaboration of multiple program faculty working together to integrate cotton research projects into a variety of fashion classes.

The overall purpose of the Buffalo State Loves Cotton Fashion Mash project is to further the awareness and understanding of cotton fiber and cotton textiles among Fashion and Textile Technology students at Buffalo State College preparing for apparel and textile-related careers.

A unique array of projects related to increasing knowledge of cotton fibers and the use of cotton fabrics in apparel were developed. Elevating an awareness of cotton will be incorporated into a range of required and specialized fashion textile technology classes as well as independent study courses. Some of the class projects are synchronized to shift from one class of students to another. The Runway 4.0 grouping is an example of that type multi-project collaboration.

This objective will be accomplished by implementing projects into our curriculum which highlight cotton from different aspects such as textile testing, textile prints, apparel design, historic/economic, and consumer behavior.


Google “Buffalo Loves Cotton” for more information about the project.


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  1. Carmen

    How do other students from another college get involved in the runway opportunities

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