Interview with Senior Designer Bradley Betschen

SV: Your collection is amazing. What inspired you to design your own clothes?

BB: I first played with sewing at around 7. I was amazed that people could make clothes right in their own homes and I always wanted to be able to create things out of nothing. I got away from this for years but when I was 24 I decided after two college degrees and still stuck in Buffalo, I was going to do this for real. I’ll be 28 before I graduate this year, which seems like a late start, but my motivation never would have been this strong 5 years ago.

SV: You sound very motivated and determined; those are great traits to have especially in the fashion industry. Where do you see yourself in five years?

BB: I’ll definitely be in Los Angeles. I’d love to be working for a major retailer or label, but great things are rarely planned.

SV: Los Angeles is definitely an amazing place to start a career in the fashion industry. What does fashion mean to you?

BB: You can convey yourself to a stranger without a single word.

SV: What was the hardest part of putting your collection together?

BB: The mixing of fibers was very rough. I unfortunately spent a lot of money on fabrics that were beautiful but ultimately unusable.  Also, when you work on something for months, it becomes less fresh, and then you begin to lose your imagination for it, so the restraint on not adding new and fun details on the spot has been hard too.

SV: If Runway 4.0 had a song what do you think it would be?

BB: A few that make sense to me are “We carry on” by Portishead, “Unexplainable Stories” by Cloud Cult, and “Hanging in The Wire” by PJ Harvey

SV: How do you think your collection will differ from the others in the show?

BB: Everyone’s vision is really incredible this year, and I’m never able to compare people I respect, be it people I know or don’t know. But I will say conventional wisdom says to make a collection that fits one kind of person, whereas I imagine a whole group when I design. I get all my ideas from history and personas, so I find I become thoughtful towards a whole population, in lieu of any ‘ideal’ one figure, but I suppose that bodes well with this year’s theme of diversity.


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