Interview with Rose Hraska: Runway 4.0 Research Foundation Winner

Runway is all about connecting with past, present, and future Buffalo State College Fashion Technology students in all aspects of the fashion industry. We are excited to interview an array of students for our blog in preparation for this year’s Runway 5.0. This week, we interview Rose Hraska, Runway 4.0’s Research Foundation Winner for the Senior Design Collection:

RW: Tell me a few things about yourself and your involvement in the fashion industry?

RH: Since graduating last May, I am currently at FIT in a one year program in Textile Development and Marketing. It’s a really amazing program, and I am learning a lot!  This semester I am fortunate enough to be working at Milly in the production department, which is a lot of fun!  I am currently helping out with their new collection which is a really exciting process!

RW: How has your experiences at Buffalo State College in the Fashion & Textile Technology program prepare you for your current endeavors? 

RH: The experience I gain from learning from the professors at Buffalo State College greatly helped me while I was a student there, as well as after graduation.  I apply all the skills I learned from the classes there in my internship as well as in all of my classes this semester.  Especially the pattern making and draping classes, which I really loved.  I am actually working on another collection right now, and the pattern making and draping classes I took are really helping me out!  (As well as the couture sewing class!):

RW: What was your most memorable experience at Buffalo State College?

RH: Definitely one of my best memories at Buffalo State College was taking part in Runway 4.0. Taking part in the runway show and being able to watch my collection go down the runway was such a memorable event.

RW: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Is it fashion-related?:

RH: That’s so far from now! I haven’t even decided what I will be doing after I graduate in May!  But I definitely plan on being in the fashion industry ten years from now.  There are so many different careers that I find interesting that its hard for me to choose.  I might end up going back to FIT next fall for a Technical Design/Pattern making degree because thats something that I really enjoy doing.

RW: What advice would you give for both upcoming and graduating students?

RH: I would advise all these students to take advantage of every opportunity that you can get at Buffalo State! And network when ever you can, because you never know who you might meet.

Stay tuned for interviews with other past winners, alumni, and of course, this year’s senior designers!


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