Interview with Adjanys Marrero: Student Collection Designer for Runway 5.0

As well as interviewing alumni of the Buffalo State College Fashion & Textile Technology program, we are also interviewing the designers that will be participating in this year’s Runway. These designers will be participating in a variety of categories such as the Senior Designer Collections, Student Collections, and Single Item Collections. This post we will be interviewing Adjanys Marrero, a prospective designer for the Student Collection!

RW: Tell me a little about yourself (where you are from, age, hobbies)?

AM: My name is Adjanys (pronounced Add-janice). I was born in Puerto Rico but moved to the states when I was about 10. My family moved around a lot, this gave me the ability to transition easily and open up my idea of the world. I have the “anything is possible” mentality because nothing seemed impossible to my family. I am 33 years old (yikes) and my favorite thing is to make things beautiful; most of the time is utilizing a camera, makeup and clothes. I have a degree in photography concentrating in Fashion and Advertising photography. My hobbies include fashion and photography..oh and cooking (and eating). My advice to others is “do what you love”, so this is what I love. I have 2 amazing kids, one is 12 and the other is 2. I adore them!

RW: Why did you ultimately pick Buffalo State College to kick-start your fashion career?

AMBuffalo has always been the birth place for my career goals. Every time I’m back in Buffalo is the beginning of a new adventure in my life. My sister was attending Buff state prior to being accepted into the Air Force Academy. So I was familiar with the school and excited it had a fashion program. I come from a family that can already design and sew but I needed and wanted to have the professional training.

RW: How have you developed as a designer since you entered BSC?

AM: Since entering BSC I feel I have refined my skills dramatically. My 1st swimwear collection I designed was in 1999 with absolutely no clue as to what I was doing. I now can see how various classes and teachers have helped refined my skills not just the drawing and fun of designing but how to really construct a garment from scratch professionally.

RW: Where have you drawn your inspiration from for you Runway 5.0 collection?

AM: For Runway 5.0 I drew inspiration from one of my favorite movies The 5th Element. I love the futuristic look and “our” ideas of what the “future” is like and what we will be possibly wearing. But that movie has a deep message about love. No matter how advance we become survival is still rooted in the ability we have to love each other. The combination of technology and romance is my inspiration.

RW: Where do you plan on taking your fashion career in the future?

AM:My future is still so unclear, I really do not know exactly where I want to go or do but I fantasize about combining my love for fashion and photography, maybe a magazine editor or fashion photographer or who knows.

RW: Who is your designer or style icon?

AM: Carolina Herrera is a designer that I have admired and respected for a long time, there is a elegance, simplicity and femininity is her designs, even in herself, I suppose her designs are a autobiographical ….. I also love Sarah Jessica Parker, for me she has the right amount of fashion, sexy and funny to rule the world!

Feel free to check out Adjanys’ website which can be found here.


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