Interview with Gwen Smith: Senior Designer for Runway 5.0

Here is yet another designer we are ecstatic to see in this year’s RunwayGwen Smith! Read to find out more about her and her upcoming collection.

RW: Tell me a little about yourself (where you are from, age, hobbies)?
GS: I am from a small town near Buffalo called Olean, its famous for its 3ft squirrel statues, and I am 21 yrs old. I have a great family, with a little sister and teenager for a brother who thinks he knows everything. I love to spend my time hanging out with my friends and enhance my sewing skills by mending their clothes. I also love thrift store shopping; it’s become a hobby looking for hidden treasures. 
RW: Why did you ultimately pick Buffalo State College to kick-start your fashion career?
GS: I picked Buffalo State because of its’ diverse location and campus…and because I was impressed with the growing program for fashion. In fact this is the only school I applied to out of high school. 

RW: How have you developed as a designer since you entered BSC?
GS: I definitely think I have grown when I came to school I had really strong skills in computer programs but couldn’t sew at all. Now I am interning at Made by Anatomy and assisting sewing there. So I think that my technical skills have grown incredibly in the passed four years. I owe that to great instruction and great opportunity. 

RW: Where have you drawn your inspiration from for you Runway 5.0 collection?
GS: I am following the cinematic theme from WGSN, and active wear for skateboarding. I want the collection to take an athletic and easy feeling on the runway. 

RW: Where do you plan on taking your fashion career in the future?
GS: Right now I would be lying to say I had a plan, I have left all gates open. I plan to continue to create and design no matter what career I fall into after graduation.

RW: Who is your designer or style icon?
GS: I love active wear like Nike, but Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, and I am in love with jewelry so I love Martha Calvo Designs.

Come see Gwen April 21st at Runway 5.0! Tickets are now on sale! You can purchase your tickets for both shows at two locations; Rockwell Hall at Buffalo State College, or through any WNY Wegmans.


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