Interview with Li Hong Mei: Visiting Professor

On top of the single item and student collections, faculty and alumni sections, and of course the senior collections, Runway  has an additional section to make our show one-of-a-kind. Li Hong Mei is a visiting professor at Buffalo State College from the Beijing Union University who is participating in Runway 5.0. Keep reading to find out more about Li’s journey and collection before you see it yourself on April 21st!


RW: Tell me a little about yourself (where you are from, age, hobbies):

LHM: I am from China. I am a teacher of Art & Design Department of Beijing Union University. I like travel to know about the lifestyle and art & crafts of the different groups in different places; that is my favorite.


RW: For what reason are you visiting Buffalo State? And why did you specifically pick Buffalo State? LHM: There was no special reason for me to pick Buffalo State. I am a visiting scholar. I just accepted arrangement from my government. But Buffalo State is realy a good college. The teachers and faculties are excellent.


RW: How have you developed as a designer since your beginnings of your career?

LHM: As I told you above, I am a teacher. I must teach or direct my students to design clothing and other products. So I should be a designer first myself. But I am not a social and professional fashion designer. I just do something I like.


RW: Where have you drawn your inspiration from for you Runway 5.0 collection?

LHM: As to my Runway 5.0 collection, I just tell you something about the unique silk product of China Cambiered Canton Gauze, dyed with a special endemic plant juice grown in part of Guangdong Province, and covered by the river silt from the Pearl River Delta region which has a rich variety of minerals, and then exposed to the flat grassland under the sun. The whole process is totally done by hand without any chemicals. So it is natural and friendly to the mankind and the environment. It is a national intangible cultural heritage. It is so different from all the fabrics we can see. It is traditional but mordern. I want people out of China to know about it.


RW: Where do you plan on taking your fashion career in the future?

LHM: I will live in China for most of my time. But the art and the design has no borders. Technique help us communicate easily.


RW: Who is your designer or style icon?

LHM: I like the Japanese designer Issey Miyake. His costume is very inclusive, full of oriental culture. The more cultural connotation the more charming design should be.

And don’t forget, tickets are now on sale! You can purchase your tickets for both shows at two locations; Rockwell Hall at Buffalo State College, or through any WNY Wegmans.


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