Rocking the Runway 5.0 Runway!

We are excited to have a few local (and local, as in Buffalo State College!) DJ’s be a part of this year’s Runway. Adam Barret and Michael Miosi are two well-known DJ’s that have been spinning throughout Buffalo and the local music scene. Read more to find out a little bit more about the boys, and their thoughts on Runway! And of course, a special thank you to Steve Rittner, who will be organizing the DJ’s and the music selections for Runway 5.0!

Adam “DJ ASiD” Barret, is 19 years old and attends Buffalo State College stying sociology and criminal justice.

I’ve always been into music. Even when I was younger, I would blast House music at home. After I started Djing, I really got into the scene. I wanted to see how the Djs downtown did it. First I started going to Noir and that’s where I learned a lot about dubstep and house music. And after going to a bunch of EDM shows, I took it upon myself to learn so much more about it. And ever since I’ve been in love with the music scene here, and have always been a music junkie.

I want to be invloved with this runway for a couple of reasons. One is that I love the liveliness of fashion events and I feel like I could really bring it to this event. Also, I have a great relationship with a lot of students at Buff State. After being the resident Dj at Nickel City (Buffalo State’s own bar) I have gained a lot of fans and a lot of friends. And overall, I have a big passion for Dj-ing. And I think with myself and Miosi doing this Runway, we can make it awesome for everyone involved! Thanks again!

Michael Miosi has also been around the block in the DJ scene, and has played at a variety of venues including Bayou, DBGB’s, and Barcelona.

“I enjoy spinning music that is 108 and 128 BPM’s and shaking like a maniac while I spin. I hope I create a good time!”
 And don’t forget, tickets are on sale for Runway! They will be sure to sell out, so purchase them at Rockwell Hall at Buffalo State College or any WNY Wegmans locations NOW!

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