Interview: Senior Designer Faith Scheffer

Faith Scheffer from the fashion/textile design technologies concentration has created a senior digital fabric design collection in addition to engineered garment designs  for Runway 5.0. She developed four silk yardages that will be wrapped into sarongs for her Runway scene, she also developed surface patterns for two engineered garment designs. Arkeida Wilson collaborated with her for garment pattern development and  garment construction. -Elaine Polvinen


RW: Tell us a little about yourself:

FS: I am from the city of Rochester (town of Spencerport), New York. I am 20 years old and a junior at buff state. I have always loved everything to do with the arts (drawing, painting, theater [i have been in 3 summer musicals] music [voice and instrument lessons] dance, and of course fashion). 

RW: Why did you choose Buffalo State College to start your fashion career?

FS: I chose Buffalo State College because I love that it is close to home (I like being able to make the short trip home over breaks and on weekends during my college years) and has a great fashion program. 

RW: How have you developed as a designer since starting Buffalo State?

FS: I definitely believe that I have developed as a designer since coming to Buffalo State. My main focus is Fashion CAD, and I have learned so much about the new technologies available to us today and the ways we can create beautiful works of art using apparel as our canvas.

RW: What is your inspiration for Runway 5.0?

FS: My inspiration for my Runway 5.0 collection is drawn from Hawaii. I have taken different elements of this dream destination (water life, flora, and volcanoes) and used them to create bright pieces that showcase the beauty of the tropical state.

RW: What your plans for the future?

FS: My plans for the future have changed many times, but as of now I think I’ve found an area that suits me best. I am hoping to find a CAD job in the area of textile design.

RW: Who is your designer or style icon?

FS: I really admire Oscar de la Renta as a designer, his dresses are always so gorgeous, and I am obsessed with Rachel Zoe and her styling abilities. Both, as designer and stylist, never cease to amaze me.


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