Another Special Thank You…

To Martha Chery…aka “Cheri Marie”! Martha was our model choreographer for this year’s Runway 5.0! We recently interviewed her for her thoughts on this year’s Runway.

RW: What was your role in Runway 5.0?

CM: Runway Model Choreographer/Model Whisperer


RW: What were your thoughts on the models this year?
CM: The models were like my babies and seeing them transform into runway divas made me feel like a proud mama!

My three rules to transformation:
1: Shoulders back until it feels funny!
2: Head and eyes straight ahead!
3: Pretend that the camera is boyfriend/girlfriend!

RW: What did you like about Runway, especially this year?:

CM: I’ve been with Runway since 2.0 and every year it gets bigger and better! The light projection show at the start of 5.0 was AMAZING! The rap performance and collaboration with New Era and VitaminWater were a great addition too the show as well. As a graduating senior this my last runway show an I couldn’t have asked for anything more!


RW: What are your thoughts on the winning designer?

CM: I’m so happy that Kathryn won! We studied abroad together and I saw firsthand the hard work she put into her collection from start to finish. She deserved it!


RW: Who would you like to say thank you to?
CM: I want to thank Erin Habes for letting me be a part of this RUNWAY legacy and for being an amazing mentor.
I want to thank the entire production class and volunteers for making sure the ins and outs of the show ran smoothly.
And also to all of my models who took the time to work the runway and the hair and makeup teams that made them beautiful.


Once again, thank you to Martha for her amazing work in this year’s Runway! If you would like to contact her, click here for her link to Facebook.


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