Runway 6.0 Theme – “Year of the City”

When: Saturday, April 27th, 2013
Where: Buffalo State College Social Hall

What is a bit? A bit is a single numeric value, either ‘1’ or ‘0’, that encodes a single unit of digital information. What is a byte? A byte is a sequence of bits; usually eight bits equal one byte.

Bits and bytes encompass the essence of how our designers for RUNWAY 6.0 will focus on their inspirational visuals for our city theme. Simple or complex, singular or multiple, bit or byte.

Idiomatic, Wonderlab and the Story of Now are the primary WGSN ss13 directions. Once a primary direction is determined, student designers can pick Citybits or Citybytes as inspirational research.

Both bits or bytes will be linked to the City of Buffalo to celebrate Buffalo State College’s “year of the city”.

All Buffalo State College Fashion Students will have access WGSN on the Buffalo State Web page, scroll to the bottom, locate and click on E.H. Butler Library. Click on Library Databases A-Z . Click on W and select WGSN [Worth Global Style Network]. You will have to input your NT user name and password to access WGSN.







Idiomatic WGSN ss13 Trend

Idiomatic means “having a distinct style or character, especially in the arts.” The essence of Idiomatic is take a singular approach to inspiration; be inspired by a single representation of diversity or element in the city, but don’t mix or clash with others. Take a singular perspective. Don’t dilute or contaminate, update and respect the authentic of what inspires you. Look at everything that surrounds you locally. Look at subcultures of the city. The statement “support our local …” can serve as a powerful inspiration for design. Local advertising, local groceries, local bars, local art galleries,[including the Burchfield of course] etc, etc. local tourist sites, local media, news, images, neighborhoods, local cultural communities and the traditions they bring. Think about anything local and how you can use it to inspire a concept/mood. A single building like City Hall, the new city court building or the Richardson complex. just to name a few. There are numerous inspirations for this theme.






Wonderlab WGSN ss13 Trend – The essence of the Wonderlab theme is Science beginning to influence a new aesthetic. Your inspirations should formulate from all things Science and Buffalo is becoming known for high tech bioinformatics. Learn more about it for this them.

Buffalo is building a highly successful high tech industry. The Wonderlab inspiration and color direction can inspire many related sub concepts. Some examples of WGSN sub concept examples of the Wonderland direction are Night Visions, Infectious Beauty, Biopsychedelic, Color Bleeds, Molecular, Surreal Scapes, Shifting Color, Microscopic Structure. When developing you subconcept for this theme remember find either one [bit] particular inspirational image or several [bytes] inspirational images that you can use to really pull color, shapes, textures and patterns from.

Story of Now





The Story of Now WGSN ss13 Trend – The essence is the focus on the reality of the present. Inspiration. The focus is on what is around us here and now and how do we interact with it. We also focus on how we interpret and digitally archive our present reality for the future.

Since we are all here and now in the city of Buffalo this WGSN ss13 directions should be relatively easy to link [bits or bytes] to the year of the city of Buffalo. You can take a walk down Elmwood Avenue [Elmwood Village}, Allentown, the Allentown Art Festival.the Buffalo zoo, Delaware Park, , the Historical Museum [the pat as it is presented in the now] or Canalside, famous Buffalo architecture, or anywhere around Buffalo and start snapping away. Use the shapes, sounds, people, buildings, architectural feel of neighborhoods, street fairs, events that you experience to inspire you. Digitally you can use countless Buffalo images from the current news and user uploads as well as actual news feed. Google images for Buffalo Gardenwalk, Buffalo Churches, city of buffalo Elmwood village or Allentown or Blackrock, Buffalo Harbor, etc, etc. The best research is just to explore and take your own shots. Ask your friends on Facebook to take some images of their perspective of Buffalo and incorporate those into your concept. Some things to focus in on could be window displays or store fronts, or doors or buildings of the city. Building, doors or storefronts can be grouped into categories of bars, retail, tattoo shops, food shops, restaurants, any category that inspires you. Here and Now inspirations under WGSN include Typography and or logos, your inspirations could come from local logos or signage in the city. Also mentioned are the universal language of pictograms, simple images to represent a grouping of what you see in the city, they can be combined to represent any of the previously mentioned categories. Even city dogs you see while walking around the city or visiting animal shelters can serve as an inspirational source.


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