Inside Runway Featured Senior Designer: Melissa Cano

This weeks featured Senior Designer for Runway gives us her thoughts on the show and what she wants to do after she graduates!

With 43 days left til the show designers are entering crunch time with judging happening in a week



Q: What path led you to do what you’re doing now?

Melissa Cano: I always watched the news and would see the entertainment and fashion design parts, and my grandmother she used to sew. So like it kind of stuck and I want to do something big

Q: What other projects are you working on outside of Runway?

MC: I’m also doing the Fashion Student’s Association Runway as well. It’s on April 6th and that’s it for now, and I’m doing Mr & Ms. Trendsetter and its a competition with fashion students.

Q: What kind of items are you including for the Fashion Student’s Runway?

MC: There’s  jungle theme of the Runway and I’m including 4-8 garments that would represent the jungle. Right now I have  dress because I haven’t had all of the model measurements .

Q: So potentially what kind of items would you like to see in the show?

MC: I like very flashy stuff. It could be a blazer with like exaggerated shoulders. Just eveningwear I guess.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

MC: Something that catches my attention. Maybe it could be like a shell that I saw at the beach, something very different. Well I actually like the designer Betsey Johnson. Her designs are really exaggerated and I’ve always loved  how she does her work. Fashion-wise I’ve realized that you can do stuff like that, and sometimes I think ‘maybe I can’t do it’  you know doing all that crazy stuff! But you have to start with baby steps. And that’s what inspired me because if I learn this then maybe I will be more than Betsey Johnson. That’s what I’m hoping for my career.

Q: What would be your design dream job?

MC: Eveningwear, something like red carpet, Oscars and like music videos. I want to design for celebrities

Q: What changes would you like to see in  the design community in the next 5-10 years?

MC: I was actually doing research on recycling materials. I feel like even with scraps we shouldn’t throw it away, we should keep it and use them for something else because are still good fibers. I would to see people resuse old farbic instead of just discarding it. It doesn’t have to be reused right away but it should be recycled again for something else later on.

Q: What would you say sets you apart from other designers?

MC: I’m very bubbly as a person. Like if a person were to meet me they would have a great time with me. We can go out, and go dancing. I’m very outgoing and I’m very competitive. Especially with dancing on the xbox kinnect I’m very competitive and I will not deny that. I am the best dancer, I’m so serious. Dance Central, challenge me. I can take you down.

Design-wise I don’t know how to explain that my ideas are different. I learn thing each and everyday. Something easy like darts or style-lines I’m always learning something new. So just like the knowledge of learning something new enhance my designs.

Q: Design related or not can you name 3 things have been beneficial to your growth as a designer?

MC: Well actually I started getting more interested in looking up styles. And right now I’m just getting more indepth of the fashion world. I’m also searching for jobs that’s in that field. And just networking with other people, like one of the girls I know from here she has her own accessory design company Scarfia. I hope I’m not saying it wrong. But she’s been improving since 2010 and a lot of people know her jewelry. She won the NYC RAW Awards. It has different categories but she wan accessories of the year. She’s also one of the people that have inspired me.

Q: How do you prepare for Runway?
MC: I listen to music and I work on my stuff at night while jamming. I block everything out and just start sewing. Just coming here I stay working on my stuff I feel like I’m getting closer to Runway so its just an adrenaline. The hardest part about getting ready is getting the fabric. Especially when I thought I had the fabric color and it just disappeared on me. I found this fabric online and thats how i got this color and now it’s really difficult for me to find this color at Joann, but now I found this one and it matches. But if I don’t have enough of this for one of my other garments I’m just going to need another color.

Q: Now what would you say is your favorite part of Runway
MC: Getting it done. Making sure the garment fits the model nicely.Its just once I get the models fitted nicely it’s a big relief and all my all my hard work paid off.

Follow Melissa Cano on Instagram @ __melztoonice & Twitter 


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