What’s a fashion show without music?


Returning to RUNWAY this year is Producer/DJ and Buffalo State student, Al Polanski other wise known as DJ BIGSKI. Playing the newest and hottest sounds, DJ BIGSKI will be setting the mood to watch the latest spring designs for RUNWAY.

You may remember BIGSKI from RUNWAY 4.0 but after taking a year off he is back to pump up the jams. Experimenting with sounds and music from different genres such as electronic, trap, and tech house he plans to keep the audience “vibing”.

“I can’t wait to see the new space and test out the new sound gear and acoustics,” he said when asked about what he’s most looking forward to about RUNWAY 6.0. “I’m honored to be doing one last show for RUNWAY.” Polanski is in his senior year at Buffalo State and will be graduating as an electrical engineer.

To hear his music check him out on soundcloud and like him on Facebook.

By Kit Sombke


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