RUNWAY 6.0 + Toronto Bloggers

One of the newest and most popular ways to find the latest trends and hot topics is through fashion bloggers. This year for RUNWAY 6.0 we’ve teamed up with two bloggers from Toronto to come to the show and blog what they think are the highlights!

Alexander Liang of Kenton and Justine Iaboni of Whatever Eurotrash will be getting the full VIP experience while viewing the student collections for RUNWAY 6.0.

 ImageLiang is the fashion editor for the Toronto blog, Kenton. He blogs about anything from his own personal style to street style trends, fashion weeks around the world, even H&M collaborations with Beyonce! He is also known for his accessory hash tagging, #wristgame in which he post pictures of his latest bracelet collections. Follow Liang on Facebook, Twitter and of course his blogs.





Justine Iaboni from Whatever Eurotrash, blogs about the latest in beauty, people, social scenes, and fashion trends. She also blogs about DIY projects, deals and giveaways in the Toronto area! More of Iaboni’s blog post can be found on the Whatever Eurotrash sight and she can be followed on twitter, @Eurotrashgirls.


Don’t forget to dress to impress at RUNWAY 6.0 because you may be their next street style.  Also, check out their blogs, tag them in tweets and remember to use #runway6 as a hash tag!


See you at RUNWAY!

By Kit Sombke


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