Have You Heard The BUZZ…


Is a new media outlet, taking SUNY Buffalo State by storm! The Bengal Buzz(catchy name huh?) founded by Journalism major Steven London and four other Buffalo State students (Kyle Washington, Tia Gadson, Keianna Burton, and Fatoumata Binta Barry) is a publication site “dedicated to putting SUNY Buffalo State and its surrounding community on the map”. Its initial intent was to create a source that was easily accessible and could bring the school together.   The bloggers focus on everything from Fashion, to Relationships, Current Events, Food and Music. There is something for everyone on The Bengal Buzz site.

Building-to-the-runway-620x270bengal buzz

 (Click on the pictures  above to see the videos captured from RUNWAY 6.0)

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the team as they covered the behind the scenes details of RUNWAY 6.0, and I must say they are a professional bunch. With press passes, cameras and note pads in hand they took into account  all the details and hard work that went into putting on this years RUNWAY show. After the show I got a chance to mix and mingle with founder Steven London and here’s what he had to say:

Q: Who is your target Audience?
A: “With Buffalo State being our school and what the website is based around, we wanted to target every student, faculty member, and staff here. If you’re an individual who’s into Pop Culture you will also love the website.”
Q: What made you decide on “The Bengal Buzz”?
A: “There are countless of great options of organizations of communication on campus, The Record, BSCTV, and WBNY is perfect – but I wanted something that would bring the school together to one place. Something fast, easily accessible, and consistent. An online publication seemed perfect. Of course, pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism for the Entertainment industry, I wanted to showcase my passion for that as well.”
Q: Where do you see this organization going?
A: “Ultimately, I want to make The Bengal Buzz a project that stays on campus forever. Post-Graduation, I want to leave the organization in great hands by selecting a perfect executive board of students who can continue on producing and reporting content. This is underway as we are expanding the brand. We also plan to launch a successful radio show (BuzzRadio) coming in the fall (crossing fingers) which will be under  93.1 WBNY; also launching a YouTube Channel (BuzzTV) with a countless number of small shows that showcase our student bodies talent which would be following in the footsteps of our current show: “Fashion State of The Union”, also found on our website.”
To get more from The Bengal Buzz you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube page.
-Jude G

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