Senior Designer Spotlight: Speaking with Casey Li ‘14

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Casey Li ’14 will reveal her senior design collection of womenswear at the Buffalo State Runway 7.0 Annual Show this week on May 10. Her floral collection is based on the transition of a shy girl that is blossoming into a confident woman. The Runway 7.0 team spoke with her about how her journey in design all started her inspirations, and future goals.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am from Brooklyn, NY. I’m a fashion design major at Buffalo State and I had the chance to spend a semester studying aboard in England.


How did you get started in design and what inspired you to become a designer? 

I’ve always been someone who was more into art than sports. Growing up, I was amazed by the concept of designing something and bringing it to life. I grew up in a traditional Chinese family who wanted their children to either become a doctor, cop, accountant, businessman, or any other occupation that the Chinese will classify as realistic. But I was more of a designer and my mom was a seamstress when she first came to America, so she was the first in the family to accept my major.


If you could design for one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Probably CL from the Korean kpop girl group, 2NE1. From what I have seen in pictures in magazine editorials, stage performances and her Instagram, she is a chameleon. She can be dressed down in street fashion attire or dressed up in high fashion.


What are the inspirations behind your collection for Runway 7.0/the philosophy guiding it?

I was inspired by the blossoming flowers from botanical gardens and wild meadows, and Eiffel Tower’s height and silhouette, which represent confidence that every woman should embrace. I was also inspired by Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die” album which had a soulful, retro feel which is what I wanted my collection to embodied.


What other activities do you enjoy doing besides design?

I’m the stereotypical Asian who takes pictures of her food and post them on Instagram and have her followers drool on their phones. I also enjoy playing RPG video games and shopping. But the number one activity I enjoy the most would be sleeping!


Check out Casey Li’s full collection at Runway 7.0 along with additional senior designers, student designers, faculty and alumni. Tickets are still on sale! Click HERE!



-Runway Team


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