Student Producer Spotlight: TJ Singletary


How would you describe your position for RUNWAY 7.0?

I am the student producer of the fashion show; which entails overseeing and distributing tasks to the production crew/class. I’ve been lucky to have this experience to add to my portfolio. Buffalo is a very supportive community and I’m looking forward to producing more shows locally.


This is the first year, the Runway Student Producer will be hosting the show. Are you nervous?

It’s going be something new, but if I can handle the backstage chaos the front-of-house should be a cinch! With that said the nerves are starting to grow with one week away…bring on the Runway!


Here’s the BIG question…what will you be wearing?

Let’s just say it will be “crossing boundaries” with inspiration from some of the senior designer collections.


So what is next after Buffalo State, will we see you producing fashion shows for MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK?

That’s my goal! Until then, I’ll be keeping it local. This summer I’m producing a show called Panorama, which will be a full body experience. The production company I’ve created is called Crossing Boundaries, and our first show will be July 12th at the Pierce Arrow Film Center.

Thank you TJ and we can’t wait to see you on the Runway! Good luck and break a leg!

Get your tickets before they sellout….click HERE!


-runway team



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