Senior Designer Interview: Gabrielle Bourcier ’16

Gabrielle Bourcier Line Drawings

Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from etc.

I’m from Corning, NY.

How did you get started in design and what inspired you to become a designer?

I was very inspired by my mother to start sewing. I attended fashion design at BOCES and immediately fell in love with clothing design

Describe your collection in one word:


Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

I take most of my inspiration from video games (the characters, scenery, atmosphere, etc).

Tell us the theme behind your designs for Runway.

I was inspired by a fictional medieval era. I took most of my inspiration from armor and dragons.

What do you think is it about your work that sets you apart?

I always try to create something that I have never seen before. I strive to be different.

Any projects you want to plug after Runway?

I want to start up my own Etsy business.

What other activities do you enjoy doing besides design?

I love video games and role-playing games like D&D. Also, cosplay and LARPing (Live Action Role Play)

Midiaeval consept board FINISHED

What are your goals for designing? What type of person do you imagine you’re designing for?

My main goal is to own my own business but I would love to get a job designing merchandise for a video game company. I imagine myself designing for gamers and cosplayers.

If you could design for one celebrity, who would it be and why?

I would love to design for Ellen McLain. She is a voice actress who voiced GLaDOS and Death Prophet, two of my favorite videogame characters and she stars as the Fairy Godmother in her YouTube show, Wish It Inc. I feel her personality and style fits well with my design aesthetic.

Could you talk a little bit about your experience in Runway? I don’t think a lot of our readers are very clear on what it is/what the experience is like

It’s hard work. If you want to create a senior collection for the show, you have to be very dedicated to the class. That being said, it is a very good experience and teaches you a lot about the design process from concept to creation.

What can you tell us about the color scheme, construction and how you went about making the collection on the more technical side?

My colors include blue, cream, black and white. I don’t like to work with too many colors when you’re creating very structured garments. I have some structure but I also have some softness in there as well. As for creating the pieces, I normally start by drafting the basic patterns I need for a muslin prototype. Then during the fitting I draw on details and transfer them to the paper patterns and create the final garment from there. I prefer to flat pattern everything instead of draping because I am more comfortable with it and it’s easier for me to see in paper patterns.

How many hours a day do you spend working on your collection on average?

Between classes and everything else, I would say every hour I could stand to be awake. Weekdays I would say about 8 hours and weekend days around 12.

How do you think your education has prepared you for Runway?

I think that every thing I needed to know up to this point has been covered in previous classes. The sewing, draping, flat patterning, and CAD classes all taught me the skills I needed for the Senior Project.

Runway Fashion Show student portraits.

Post-grad plans?

I’m still only a junior so I will be at Buffalo State for another year. However, I hope that when I graduate I will have a job lined up in the video game industry creating merchandise based on their games or a CAD job for a fashion company. This summer I am hoping to acquire a design internship.

Interview by BSC Fashion Production student, Breanna Morelli


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