Buffalo State Fashion Alum: Where are they now?


Samantha Lee ’06

Ecommerce Merchandise Manager of INTERMIX

“Besides learning through books, classrooms and professors Buffalo State gave me the opportunity to interact socially with like-minded students. Buffalo State made me a well-rounded person with knowledge and confidence in carrying out my job.”


Alana Cumming ’12

Retail Analyst at Steve Madden

“The training I received at Buffalo State connects both corners of New York. The courses and labs at Buffalo State set me on the road to achieve successes I would’ve never been able to. I now work and live in NYC and thank Buffalo State for collaborating with FIT to help maximize learning in the ever-changing fashion industry.”


Kelsey Boerema ’13

Assistant Buyer at Lord and Taylor

“The Fashion Merchandising program at BSC built the foundation I needed to successfully start my career in New York City.”


Brandye Merriweather ’04

Project Coordinator & Manager, Buffalo Urban Development Corporation

“Great retail is so important to building a successful downtown area.  The skills that I learned while completing Buffalo State’s Fashion Technology program were essential in launching Queen City Pop Up, downtown’s first pop up retail initiative designed to transform empty storefronts into vibrant retail spaces. This program is giving local retailers a unique opportunity to be part of downtown Buffalo’s resurgence!”


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