Student Producer Spotlight: An Interview with Tracey Tong ’15

Tracey Portrait Runway blog post

How would you describe your position for RUNWAY 8.0?

For Runway 8.0, I was blessed with the position to be the student producer. I would describe my position as engaged at ALL times and very, very involved. My job is to oversee everyone else’s position and be the helping hand if they need anything whatsoever. I always try to go above and beyond to help my classmates and Erin with anything they need. I love being able to be there for everyone. 

Here’s the BIG question…what will you be wearing?

All black, everything. Because the theme of this year’s show is “innovation”, I really want to wear something new, something out of my comfort zone that I’ve never rocked before…maybe a black, strapless jumpsuit!

Three attributes the fashion show producer should have?

Hmm, I would say patience, energy, and organization skills. Does GroupMe count? I don’t think this would be possible without that app; it allows me to keep in contact with the ENITRE Runway team, 24/7!

On the day of the show, your survival kit will definitely include…

SANITY. Just kidding…sort of. But really, I know I will need every form of caffeine possible. Red Bull, iced coffee, and 5 Hour Energy shots.

So what is next after Buffalo State, will we see you producing fashion shows for New York Fashion Week?

Dreaming big. After all, I will be moving back home to NYC in May after graduation. You’re all just going to have to stay tuned and see what’s next for this gal!


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