Senior Spotlight: Fardja B

The theme for Runway 10 is Remember Imagine, which encourages everyone to look at the past and remember where we started, so we are able to look towards the future and what we can achieve. Leading up to the show, we will be focusing in on each of our senior designers and learning about the road that lead them to where they are now. The next senior designer we will be spotlighting is Fardja B.


For Runway 10, Fardja’s collection is based off of a personal experience. This past fall, she went through a rough time, and instead of burying her feelings, she turned them into  her inspiration. By doing so, Fardja was able to deal with her problem head on.

The biggest challenge Fardja faced while making this collection was developing her concept. Her collection is a four part story, so making a cohesive collection while still telling the story was a challenge. The story she is telling is one that is personal to her, so it was a difficult decision to go through with the collection and put her emotions on display for all to see.

Tickets for the show are now available here


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