Alumni Designer Spotlight: Veronica Michalek

The theme for Runway 10 is Remember Imagine, which encourages everyone to look at the past and remember where we started, so we are able to look towards the future and what we can achieve. In the final days before the show, we will be looking back at some of our past Runway designers and see where they are now, what lessons Runway taught them, and how they have carried them through life. The next Alumni we will be spotlighting is Veronica Michalek.

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Veronica started getting involved in Runway her sophomore year at Buffalo State. She was a model for Anna Dusza, who submitted a one-piece design for Runway 7.0. The dress had a built in cape that Veronica had to toss back in from of the audience on the runway. After being on stage as a model, and seeing all the recognition that Anna got from her design, Veronica knew she had to be apart of the show the following year. She wanted to see what she could make so she could feel the sense of being a designer.

Before attended Buffalo State, Veronica did not know about Runway. She does think that it is an amazing tradition for the fashion department to have. There are other schools in the area that have their own runway shows, but none of them compare to Runway. Buffalo State’s show is big, located in the heart of the city, and hosts so much talent and creativity from students of all ages. Every year, the show is highly anticipated. Students wait to hear the theme and plan out their designs, because it is their chance to put their work out there for everyone to see.

Working with Runway allowed Veronica to learn a lot. She experienced the show first as a member of the audience, and then she was a model, and finally, a designer. Experiencing Runway allowed Veronica to learn a sense of professionalism and how to convey her ideas and emotions to her classmates, a panel of judges, and an audience. Runway allows designers to be put in center stage for a moment, giving them a glimpse of the impression their designs and work leave on people. Putting yourself out there for Runway also allows designers to begin understanding constructive criticism and how to apply it to their own ideas. Although she made mistakes during Runway, Veronica does not regret them because they helped her to evolve and better herself.

When someone mentions Runway, Veronica’s first though is all the hard work and stress that goes into the process. Her second thought is how exciting the day of the show is and how lucky she was to be apart of Runway for three years with all her friends. Veronica feels like she’s come full circle. Since her first Runway, she has been alongside her friends Anna Dusza and Ashton Warner. Every year since then, it has become more exciting seeing how everyone has grown and what new things they’ve learned. Veronica is excited for this year, because it is Ashton’s turn to be a senior designer, so her and Anna can watch together and support their friend.

For Runway 10, Veronica’s collection was an experiment she did by using fabrics from black and white pieces she found in thrift stores. She wanted to show quilting together pieces of fabric in a more modern way. Veronica feels as though the fashion industry as a whole needs to move towards more ethical, practical, and ecological ways of producing garments. She hopes that in the future, more crafters and DIY-ers can practice methods of reducing waste, such as quilting and upcycling.


Tickets for the show are available here:


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