Senior Designer: Valeasha Collins


Meet one of our senior designers, Valeasha Collins. This year for interconnect her collection showcases activewear that has high- fashion details, to appear more elegant and dressy.

Becoming a fashion design major was an obvious choice to make. At 11 years old Valeasha had sparked an interest in designing Barbie clothes out of old clothing. She attempted to sell them to her neighbors in an apartment complex she lived in. Later on, she took initiative in learning how to sew and render fashion illustration her senior year of high school, which helped prepare Valeasha to build her fashion education here at Buffalo State.

The challenges Valeasha has faced for Runway 11 is finding a balance between school work, a part-time job, and having a personal life. She would have to look at her planner to make sure she was on top of everything. What she is excited about is being able to see all the work from her colleagues.

After this year at Buffalo State, Valeasha plans on working full-time while finding freelance work as a fashion designer. She also wants to start fulfilling some of her goals such as traveling to new places, volunteering, and learning new skills.


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