Meet Senior Designer: Alexis Davis

seniorpictureMeet one of our senior designers, Alexis Davis. For Runway 11 her collection Black Venus was inspired by Josephine Baker, an African American performer from the 1920’s who was admired for her confidence. She wore whatever she wanted or nothing at all. She was a strong believer in self-love and passion. Alexis collection was created to find the modern day “Josephine Baker”, women who are not ashamed of who they are. Her fabric allows the audience to see the bodies of her models. The glitter placed on to the fabric gives the illusion that the models are glowing. Black Venus is created to deliver a message to society, that not all women are shaped the same, and we have to be mindful of that. Alexis wants every woman to know it’s okay to be different and to accept each other instead of judging and denying.
Alexis has always been fascinated by garment construction, patterns, and unique ideas.  When she was younger, Alexis spent a lot of her time drawing her sister and her friends in cool outfits. In middle school, Alexis always dressed her uniform up in accessories and bright colored sweaters. She loved being the center of attention when it came to fashion and tried her best to be a trendsetter. Two summers before Alexis came to Buffalo State, she taught herself how to hand sew. Alexis spent her summer going to thrift shops, buying unique pieces and reconstruction them. Alexis couldn’t decide what she wanted to do with her future, but she always had a passion for clothes. Being a fashion design major is dream come true because it allows Alexis to learn the information she needs to create my own influence on the world.
When working on Black Venus, it was very difficult to find a solid idea of what Alexis wanted to create. Josephine Baker had so many famous outfits, but she didn’t want to replicate a garment or design off of someone else’s design. She tried her best-creating something Baker would’ve worn in the 1920’s but still is very fashionable for her own era. It was and still is difficult trying to explain my collection, without feeling like I either said too much or too little about Josephine. Black Venus is not about Baker but is heavily influenced by her.
Alexis has done many fashion shows in the past, but nothing like Runway. So many people, including herself, is 100% involved in making sure this show is way better than the last one. Everyone is so dedicated, and she is so excited to see how everything plays out. Her sister, best friend, and boyfriend will be attending the show and I’m so excited for them to see all the hard work she put into this collection.
Alexis is graduating May 2018, and is very excited about it! After school, Alexis plan on staying in Buffalo for one more year, to save money. During that time, she will continue to sell pieces and do fashion shows. Alexis wants to continue to gain the experience needed to survive in the fashion world.
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