Meet Senior Designer: Kimberly Granados


Meet one of our senior designers, Kimberly Granados. For Runway 11 her collection Her Opulence interconnects the elegance of the Victorian Era with today’s modern classic women who desire to get in touch with their feminine side. 

Growing up Kimberly would never let anyone dress her, little did she know that that was going to lead to something else later on in life. Kimberly remember buying her first Vogue in 2012 only because it had Lady Gaga on the cover. Through her music videos she discovered designers such as Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs. Kimberly was amazed by their work and wanted to know how it was possible to do such things. She had no artistic talents but Kimberly realized that it was okay to start from nothing and build her way up. As a shy and reserved person, she saw fashion design as another form of art and wanted to learn how to express herself through clothing.

The challenges Kimberly faced for Runway 11 was her vision coming to life was difficult. Designing this collection was something that came naturally to her but the hard part was constructing it. Kimberly came across problems that needed experimentation to be solved. These problems challenged her and pushed her to try again and again until the patterns were perfect, to ensure the best fit. Her excitement for Runway 11 is being able to share her collection with the audience and to see everything come together. Through this collection Kimberly is sharing a part of herself, and cannot wait to hear others interpretation of it.

Kimberly will be graduating this May and is planning on moving back home to Long Island. So far she is mostly interested in the digital side of fashion design and most likely will intern or work full time in NYC. Right after graduation she will be traveling to China, when Kimberly returns she plans to keep pushing herself to find out what she capable of doing.IMG_2680

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