Meet Senior Designer: Kimberly

JillianMeet one of our senior designers, Jillian Sickler. The theme for her collection in Runway 11 is wedding dresses inspired by the forecast of common ground Spring/Summer 2019. The main concept of the trend is rediscovering your roots and seeking out things that connect us. Jillian collection is made with vintage and older style laces, paired with modern day silhouettes and fits. Using the inspiration of wildflowers and baby’s breath for a delicate lace look from the common ground. The dresses are traditional white with small pops of color and floral.

Watching Project Runway really inspired me to be creative and learn how to sew. Jillian taught herself how to make her own prom dress and other sewing crafts.  The biggest challenge she faced throughout the process was the amount of time and work it took to make the flowers. She will cut the fabric out, burned each petal, hand sewed them into flowers and sewed them onto each dress. The flower making process took more hours than she could keep track of.

She so excited to see her beautiful models wear the dresses and look radiant. Nothing makes Jillian happier than seeing her models/clients satisfied and impressed with her work!

Jillian will be graduating this May; She decided to make bridal for the fashion show to challenge herself and she hopes to open her very own custom bridal store over the next few years.


Make sure you purchase your tickets at

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