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Professor in apparel and textile computer design.

STRATEGIC ILLUSIONS Sponsored by Cotton Incorporated

Strategic Illusions Engineered Garment Project

Strategic Illusions is a Cotton Inc. sponsored collaborative teaching project that included two classes – one is a computer aided design class and the second an advanced garment assembly class. The goal of the advanced engineered garment design teaching project was to develop engineered garment designs for 100% cotton fabric which were designed specifically to incorporate strategically placed wrinkles or ruching to camouflage the naturally occurring wrinkles on the garment. The outcome incorporated integrated multiple surface design techniques and engineered garment design placement which embrace and/or camouflage the natural wrinkling qualities of cotton fabric.

This project included the use of twenty-two custom developed step by step video tutorials to allow students to individually work to advance their creative and technical skills with the initial design process at their own pace. The video tutorials included initial research, photography, and a variety of techniques to develop backgrounds for engineered garments. The video tutorials also included a 3D OptiTex section to show students how to export a garment patterns to Adobe Illustrator. The tutorials also showed how to set-up and prepare the Illustrator file for inserting engineered surface designs into the garments pattern pieces as well as simulated and strategically placed winkles/ruching/textures. Additional videos were developed to instruct students how to virtually test their garments on the custom body scan avatar models that will be wearing their garments. Students also had videos to instruct them how to take snapshots of different views of their virtual 3D garments with and without the custom model.

The students began by developing a concept board, color board and description of their inspiration. The video tutorials guided and encouraged the students to creatively experiment with a variety of techniques to develop engineered garment designs on a prototype sample garment pattern.  During this time a trip to the Buffalo Zoo was arranged where students took many photos of fauna and flora to incorporate into their collection concepts.

Normal wear of a 100% cotton dress or pants would produce naturally occurring wrinkles in specific areas (ex: in the bending areas of the body.) Initially, a basic muslin sheath was wear tested to locate naturally occurring wrinkle areas during normal wear. During the first half of the semester when students were experimenting with techniques, six student models were located and each one underwent a body scan. A customized virtual avatar was developed for each model. Customized garments styles that were all modifications of a fitted long sleeve sheath were developed and one style was assigned to each model. Each student was assigned three garment styles/models and developed two engineered garment designs for each model. Each student developed a minimum of six engineered garment designs for a total of thirty-six engineered garments. These engineered garment designs were designed to strategically integrate with and/or camouflage wrinkles. The garments were all virtually tested and photographed (virtually) by each student.

At the final presentation, each student presented their concept, description, inspirations and color boards in addition to each of six engineered garment designs for a total of 36 engineered garments.  A combination of students and faculty determined which three engineered garment designs best represented the creative and technical range for each student.
SI_conceptsPrinting took place on the departments Mutoh VJ-1638 dual-head Valuejet using Nano Pigments of dyes onto 100% cotton fabric. The fabric is then processed with a Practix Manufacturing OK-08 heat press to set the dye.
si_project2The garments were constructed by students in an Apparel Assembly class.It is intended that this project will integrate with the overall Buffalo State Runway 8.0 theme, Innovation, which will be held on Saturday May 25, 2015.

si_project3Dr. Lynn Boorady
Project under the direction of Elaine Polvinen
Fabric Printing and Setting: Maggie Keef & David Brinson
Muslin Prototypes: Marybeth DiPaola, David Brinson & Lynn Boorady
Garment Assembly Director: Denise Needham


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Runway 4.0 Video Clip

Here is a clip of the Runway 4.0 video…

The Runway 4.0 DVD video has been completed. You can order the Runway 4.0 DVD from Leighthouse Productions.

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Runway 4.0: Photographs

The links below will lead to Buffalo State College photo shoots for the 4pm and 8:30pm Runway events. The 4pm show was photographed by Bruce Fox, Photography and Graphics Coordinator for Instructional Resources. The 8:30 pm show was photographed by student photographers Mary Murphy and Nick Butler.

LINK to 4pm Runway images

LINK to 8:30 pm Runway & VIP images

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Runway 4.0: Wearable Art & Fiber Design Basket Award

The recipient of the $500.00 Wearable Art Award sponsored by Professor Elaine Polvinen is Jacklyn Hooper. Some of her pieces are below.

 The Rice Rafferty fiber design basket of inspirational supplies was presented to Erin Curry in the fiber studio at Buffalo State College by Carol Ann Rice Rafferty. From left to right below: Professor Jozef Bajus, Professor Elaine Polvinen, Erin Curry and Carol Ann Rice Rafferty.

Erin’s art to wear is pictured below.

Erin Curry

Erin Curry

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Runway 4.0: Eastman Award

The Eastman Award [$500] sponsored by Eastman Foundation is presented to the outstanding fashion outfit by an underclassman [freshman, sophomore, junior].

Marla Coniglio

 The judge for this award was Marla Coniglio. She is the Executive VP of Sales for Eastman Machine Company,  she has been with the company for 24 years. Marla serves on the Board of the Eastman Foundation and has been involved with many local not for profit organizations. She is an core member of the FTT Runway Board.

  It was awarded to Dany Marcelino. Below is a photo of Dany’s fashion outfits taken by Nate Benson.

Dany Marcelino, photo by Nate Benson

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Runway 4.0 Senior Collection Awards

All of the senior collections were excellent, kuddos to all seniors for your hard work and dedication.
1 st place award of $1000 sponsored by Nancy Belfer for senior collection – Lauren Rogers

2 nd place award of $750 sponsored by the Research Foundation for senior collection – Rose Hraska

3rd place award of $500 sponsored by the Research Foundation for senior collection – Emily Tolnay

1st place Award RUnway 4.0
Lauren Rogers – 1st place Nancy Belfer Award

Interview with Senior Designer Lauren Rogers

Rose Hraska 2nd place Research Foundation award

Interview with Senior Designer Rose Hraska

Emily Tolnay 3rd place Research Foundation Award

Interview with Senior Designer Emily Tolnay

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Runway 4.0: Order a Video

CLICK HERE to order Runway 4.0 video for $20.00

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