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Have You Heard The BUZZ…


Is a new media outlet, taking SUNY Buffalo State by storm! The Bengal Buzz(catchy name huh?) founded by Journalism major Steven London and four other Buffalo State students (Kyle Washington, Tia Gadson, Keianna Burton, and Fatoumata Binta Barry) is a publication site “dedicated to putting SUNY Buffalo State and its surrounding community on the map”. Its initial intent was to create a source that was easily accessible and could bring the school together.   The bloggers focus on everything from Fashion, to Relationships, Current Events, Food and Music. There is something for everyone on The Bengal Buzz site.

Building-to-the-runway-620x270bengal buzz

 (Click on the pictures  above to see the videos captured from RUNWAY 6.0)

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the team as they covered the behind the scenes details of RUNWAY 6.0, and I must say they are a professional bunch. With press passes, cameras and note pads in hand they took into account  all the details and hard work that went into putting on this years RUNWAY show. After the show I got a chance to mix and mingle with founder Steven London and here’s what he had to say:

Q: Who is your target Audience?
A: “With Buffalo State being our school and what the website is based around, we wanted to target every student, faculty member, and staff here. If you’re an individual who’s into Pop Culture you will also love the website.”
Q: What made you decide on “The Bengal Buzz”?
A: “There are countless of great options of organizations of communication on campus, The Record, BSCTV, and WBNY is perfect – but I wanted something that would bring the school together to one place. Something fast, easily accessible, and consistent. An online publication seemed perfect. Of course, pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism for the Entertainment industry, I wanted to showcase my passion for that as well.”
Q: Where do you see this organization going?
A: “Ultimately, I want to make The Bengal Buzz a project that stays on campus forever. Post-Graduation, I want to leave the organization in great hands by selecting a perfect executive board of students who can continue on producing and reporting content. This is underway as we are expanding the brand. We also plan to launch a successful radio show (BuzzRadio) coming in the fall (crossing fingers) which will be under  93.1 WBNY; also launching a YouTube Channel (BuzzTV) with a countless number of small shows that showcase our student bodies talent which would be following in the footsteps of our current show: “Fashion State of The Union”, also found on our website.”
To get more from The Bengal Buzz you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube page.
-Jude G

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While your getting ready for RUNWAY 6.0 get to know our sponsors (Positive Approach)



 Local business Positive Approach has collaborated with the Erica Hoerner Scholarship fund to produce the T-shirts that will be on sale at tomorrows RUNWAY 6.0 show. All proceeds will be going to the scholarship fund. Here’s a look into how the guys got started…


What got you guys started?

Justin and I started printing shirts out of our parents’ basements while in high school and thought it would be cool to bring our product to an environment that was easier to share. We were heavy into bikes at the time. We didn’t really know a thing about running a business, so we chose a store where we saw active people like ourselves all the time; the Elmwood Village. 

Positive Approach started as a project focused toward promoting an overall positive attitude through clothing. Whether our supporters took it for personal motivation or saw a bigger picture there, it was all up to them. We printed all of our goods USA made and “eco-friendly”.  The name was a spin off of 1980s punk band called Negative Approach. 

How did you end up collaborating with the scholarship group?

We thought it would be proper for us to work with the Erika Hoerner Scholarship group simply because we knew Erika and wanted to help where we could. We thought we would be able to provide the best service and product to the people involved. We print everything by hand so we are able to control every aspect of the process. Sam Visone originally approached us about helping, so we owe thanks to her for the opportunity. 

How do you feel about Buffalo as a city contributing to your brand?

Buffalo has been awesome in helping our brand survive. We have never paid for advertising so 99% of the time someone trusts us with their custom orders or buys goods from our store, its because someone who appreciates our work told them about us. In the future, Positive Approach will expand to another city, and then hopefully another after that. We will always have our hub in Buffalo.

Are any of you Alumni?

I enrolled to Buffalo State out of high school knowing nothing about what I wanted to study. I became interested in photography through my friends, which carried over into graphic design and printmaking. I was familiar with these studies by the nature in printing, working with bands I was friends with. I studied graphic design for a couple years and took alot of what I learned with me to operate the store now. I owe thanks to my professor and friend Mike Anthony. 
Thank you to the Erika Hoerner Scholarship fund and anyone involved. Of course, thank you to anyone who supports Positive Approach

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The Dapper Advisor… Taking an inside look at bloggers on campus.

BSC RUNWAY is an outlet for everything Buffalo and fashion related, upon recent years we have noticed what I like to call the “Social Media Renaissance”. The blogging trend has taken off and has left many people interested in being the next blog sensation.  SUNY Buffalo State has an underground blogging community that most are unfamiliar with. In this piece we feature Alumni Akil McLeod aka the Dapper Advisor creator of “Dapper Days and Ratchet Nights” a Menswear inspired blog.  Describing himself as an innovator, the Dapper Advisor goes into detail about what he draws inspiration from, his personal style and outlook on RUNWAY. Meet the man behind the tie…

-Jude G


BSC RUNWAY: Tell us a bit about yourself?


Currently, I am a Graduate Student at Buffalo State College studying Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Administration. I chose this field because as an Undergraduate student I displayed a high level of student engagement. As a result, it provided me with an abundance of positive experiences that ultimately allowed me to succeed throughout various walks of life. I work for the Educational Opportunity Program at Buffalo State College as an Academic Adviser.  Here I manage a caseload of 45 students by monitoring their academic, personal, financial and career progress. I am also the Area Coordinator for the Residence Life Department at Hilbert College. Here I supervise a staff of 12 Resident Assistants as well as develop and facilitate programs and events for residential students. I enjoy all things aesthetically pleasing, especially abstract artwork and good music. Last but certainly not least, I am a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated; Phi Chapter.

BSC RUNWAY: What inspires your style? Do you see yourself as a style innovator or just trendy? 


Several influences inspire my style. My mother for starters has had an incredible impact on my style. She was a seamstress in Trinidad and has an impeccable taste in fashion. She introduced me to shopping smart and purchasing classic investment pieces rather than wasting money on trendy garments. Watching her be creative on a budget taught me the building blocks of developing personal style, from scratch. Italian menswear has also had a huge influence on my personal style. The men in Italy put a great deal of effort in their appearance, but still manage to create seemingly effortless outfits. Lastly, the way men dressed during the Harlem Renaissance is one of my greatest influences. I sometimes fantasize about living in an era before the stigma of men being “overdressed.” During that time period the men dressed nicely and wore suits habitually, it was a societal norm. However nowadays when a young man wears a suit or just a shirt and tie they are instantly always asked if they have a job interview. Fortunately I think we are slowly getting back to the times of men valuing their appearance and paying closer attention to details. I believe the rise of #menswear on social networks like Tumblr and Instagram are responsible for this paradigm shift. Furthermore, I do not view myself as a trendy individual mainly due to the fact that I do not follow trends. I would rather associate myself as an innovator because I would like to see younger men dress well, hence the reason for creating my blog.
 BSC RUNWAY: What drove you to create your blog? Who’s your intended audience?

The driving force behind the creation of my blog “Dapper Days and Ratchet Nights” was simply to inspire other young men to start dressing well and put more effort into their appearance. I realized that young men today pay too much attention to trends and try to emulate the styles and fashion ideals of celebrities. However they are clueless when it comes to dressing appropriate for work or other professional environments. Therefore, I decided to create a blog where young men can attain some useful style advice and inspiration from someone who is still a student in the world of fashion.  Also it was another platform for me to express my sense of style without being overly narcissistic.

BSC RUNWAY: How do you feel about the range of style on campus?


I believe we have a great range of style on campus especially our female population. Although I seldom have time to go to social events on campus, I still pay attention to the different styles I come across on campus on an average day. On this campus you can see style ranging from the girls that put a lot of effort into their appearance with the use of makeup and heels, and in that same space you can come across and female wearing a hoodie and sneakers but still looking clean and comfortable. In terms of style for the men population I think it is pretty limited. Speaking from a spectators standpoint, I think this campus would be a better place if the male students pulled up their pants and traded in some of their Jordan’s for a decent pair of brogues or wingtips, but that is just my opinion.

BSC RUNWAY: Are you excited that RUNWAY is coming back to campus, what are your thoughts on that?


Of course, I am excited about RUNWAY returning to Buffalo State College campus. I feel that the designers from SUNY Buffalo State  are very talented and are a rare breed. Over the years RUNWAY has become a great platform and outlet for our Fashion majors to display their talents and abilities. I look forward to attending the event  on April 27th.


For more from the Dapper Advisor follow him on instagram @dapperadvisor and Tumblr

37 more days until RUNWAY!

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