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STRATEGIC ILLUSIONS Sponsored by Cotton Incorporated

Strategic Illusions Engineered Garment Project

Strategic Illusions is a Cotton Inc. sponsored collaborative teaching project that included two classes – one is a computer aided design class and the second an advanced garment assembly class. The goal of the advanced engineered garment design teaching project was to develop engineered garment designs for 100% cotton fabric which were designed specifically to incorporate strategically placed wrinkles or ruching to camouflage the naturally occurring wrinkles on the garment. The outcome incorporated integrated multiple surface design techniques and engineered garment design placement which embrace and/or camouflage the natural wrinkling qualities of cotton fabric.

This project included the use of twenty-two custom developed step by step video tutorials to allow students to individually work to advance their creative and technical skills with the initial design process at their own pace. The video tutorials included initial research, photography, and a variety of techniques to develop backgrounds for engineered garments. The video tutorials also included a 3D OptiTex section to show students how to export a garment patterns to Adobe Illustrator. The tutorials also showed how to set-up and prepare the Illustrator file for inserting engineered surface designs into the garments pattern pieces as well as simulated and strategically placed winkles/ruching/textures. Additional videos were developed to instruct students how to virtually test their garments on the custom body scan avatar models that will be wearing their garments. Students also had videos to instruct them how to take snapshots of different views of their virtual 3D garments with and without the custom model.

The students began by developing a concept board, color board and description of their inspiration. The video tutorials guided and encouraged the students to creatively experiment with a variety of techniques to develop engineered garment designs on a prototype sample garment pattern.  During this time a trip to the Buffalo Zoo was arranged where students took many photos of fauna and flora to incorporate into their collection concepts.

Normal wear of a 100% cotton dress or pants would produce naturally occurring wrinkles in specific areas (ex: in the bending areas of the body.) Initially, a basic muslin sheath was wear tested to locate naturally occurring wrinkle areas during normal wear. During the first half of the semester when students were experimenting with techniques, six student models were located and each one underwent a body scan. A customized virtual avatar was developed for each model. Customized garments styles that were all modifications of a fitted long sleeve sheath were developed and one style was assigned to each model. Each student was assigned three garment styles/models and developed two engineered garment designs for each model. Each student developed a minimum of six engineered garment designs for a total of thirty-six engineered garments. These engineered garment designs were designed to strategically integrate with and/or camouflage wrinkles. The garments were all virtually tested and photographed (virtually) by each student.

At the final presentation, each student presented their concept, description, inspirations and color boards in addition to each of six engineered garment designs for a total of 36 engineered garments.  A combination of students and faculty determined which three engineered garment designs best represented the creative and technical range for each student.
SI_conceptsPrinting took place on the departments Mutoh VJ-1638 dual-head Valuejet using Nano Pigments of dyes onto 100% cotton fabric. The fabric is then processed with a Practix Manufacturing OK-08 heat press to set the dye.
si_project2The garments were constructed by students in an Apparel Assembly class.It is intended that this project will integrate with the overall Buffalo State Runway 8.0 theme, Innovation, which will be held on Saturday May 25, 2015.

si_project3Dr. Lynn Boorady
Project under the direction of Elaine Polvinen
Fabric Printing and Setting: Maggie Keef & David Brinson
Muslin Prototypes: Marybeth DiPaola, David Brinson & Lynn Boorady
Garment Assembly Director: Denise Needham


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The Dapper Advisor… Taking an inside look at bloggers on campus.

BSC RUNWAY is an outlet for everything Buffalo and fashion related, upon recent years we have noticed what I like to call the “Social Media Renaissance”. The blogging trend has taken off and has left many people interested in being the next blog sensation.  SUNY Buffalo State has an underground blogging community that most are unfamiliar with. In this piece we feature Alumni Akil McLeod aka the Dapper Advisor creator of “Dapper Days and Ratchet Nights” a Menswear inspired blog.  Describing himself as an innovator, the Dapper Advisor goes into detail about what he draws inspiration from, his personal style and outlook on RUNWAY. Meet the man behind the tie…

-Jude G


BSC RUNWAY: Tell us a bit about yourself?


Currently, I am a Graduate Student at Buffalo State College studying Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Administration. I chose this field because as an Undergraduate student I displayed a high level of student engagement. As a result, it provided me with an abundance of positive experiences that ultimately allowed me to succeed throughout various walks of life. I work for the Educational Opportunity Program at Buffalo State College as an Academic Adviser.  Here I manage a caseload of 45 students by monitoring their academic, personal, financial and career progress. I am also the Area Coordinator for the Residence Life Department at Hilbert College. Here I supervise a staff of 12 Resident Assistants as well as develop and facilitate programs and events for residential students. I enjoy all things aesthetically pleasing, especially abstract artwork and good music. Last but certainly not least, I am a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated; Phi Chapter.

BSC RUNWAY: What inspires your style? Do you see yourself as a style innovator or just trendy? 


Several influences inspire my style. My mother for starters has had an incredible impact on my style. She was a seamstress in Trinidad and has an impeccable taste in fashion. She introduced me to shopping smart and purchasing classic investment pieces rather than wasting money on trendy garments. Watching her be creative on a budget taught me the building blocks of developing personal style, from scratch. Italian menswear has also had a huge influence on my personal style. The men in Italy put a great deal of effort in their appearance, but still manage to create seemingly effortless outfits. Lastly, the way men dressed during the Harlem Renaissance is one of my greatest influences. I sometimes fantasize about living in an era before the stigma of men being “overdressed.” During that time period the men dressed nicely and wore suits habitually, it was a societal norm. However nowadays when a young man wears a suit or just a shirt and tie they are instantly always asked if they have a job interview. Fortunately I think we are slowly getting back to the times of men valuing their appearance and paying closer attention to details. I believe the rise of #menswear on social networks like Tumblr and Instagram are responsible for this paradigm shift. Furthermore, I do not view myself as a trendy individual mainly due to the fact that I do not follow trends. I would rather associate myself as an innovator because I would like to see younger men dress well, hence the reason for creating my blog.
 BSC RUNWAY: What drove you to create your blog? Who’s your intended audience?

The driving force behind the creation of my blog “Dapper Days and Ratchet Nights” was simply to inspire other young men to start dressing well and put more effort into their appearance. I realized that young men today pay too much attention to trends and try to emulate the styles and fashion ideals of celebrities. However they are clueless when it comes to dressing appropriate for work or other professional environments. Therefore, I decided to create a blog where young men can attain some useful style advice and inspiration from someone who is still a student in the world of fashion.  Also it was another platform for me to express my sense of style without being overly narcissistic.

BSC RUNWAY: How do you feel about the range of style on campus?


I believe we have a great range of style on campus especially our female population. Although I seldom have time to go to social events on campus, I still pay attention to the different styles I come across on campus on an average day. On this campus you can see style ranging from the girls that put a lot of effort into their appearance with the use of makeup and heels, and in that same space you can come across and female wearing a hoodie and sneakers but still looking clean and comfortable. In terms of style for the men population I think it is pretty limited. Speaking from a spectators standpoint, I think this campus would be a better place if the male students pulled up their pants and traded in some of their Jordan’s for a decent pair of brogues or wingtips, but that is just my opinion.

BSC RUNWAY: Are you excited that RUNWAY is coming back to campus, what are your thoughts on that?


Of course, I am excited about RUNWAY returning to Buffalo State College campus. I feel that the designers from SUNY Buffalo State  are very talented and are a rare breed. Over the years RUNWAY has become a great platform and outlet for our Fashion majors to display their talents and abilities. I look forward to attending the event  on April 27th.


For more from the Dapper Advisor follow him on instagram @dapperadvisor and Tumblr

37 more days until RUNWAY!

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New Updates: Student Awards

We are proud to announce…..some exciting new awards for Runway 4.0!!


Nancy Belfer is sponsoring 1st place award for senior collection of $1000

Research Foundation is sponsoring 2nd place awards for Senior Collection of $750

Research Foundation is sponsoring 3rd place awards for Senior Collection of $500


Eastman Foundation is sponsoring 1st place awards for Student Section for $500.00


Elaine Polvinen is sponsoring 1st place awards for Wearable Art Design Section for $500.00

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Runway 4.0: Nancy Belfer Senior Collection Award

Nancy Belfer is sponsoring the Nancy Belfer Senior Collection Award for Runway 4.0.

She is a retired professor from the Design Department at Buffalo State College, where her teaching responsibilities were in the areas of textile weaving and related fiber techniques.  Her MFA is from the School for American Craftsmen at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Her work, in both textiles and mixed-media, has been included in numerous  regional and national exhibitions, including the Burchfield Penney Art Center where she had a solo exhibition  in the Sylvia Rosen Gallery and is in the museum collection.  She has been in group shows at the UB Anderson Gallery, the Carnegie Center of the Arts, the Albright Knox Collectors Gallery, Hallwalls, and the Indigo Gallery.

She is a Crafts Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts and, as part of the US State Department Arts in Embassies Program, one of her  large tapestries was included in the two-year exhibition at the American Institute in Taiwan. She currently has pieces on exhibit [A Circle of Influence]  at the Indigo Art Gallery on 4 Allen St., Buffalo, NY, 14202.



Runway 4.0: Wearable Art Design Award

A Wearable Art Design Award will continue for Runway 4.0 for the art-to-wear section of the Runway event.  A fiber design exhibition from Design department professor’s Jozef  Bajus’s  students are also part of the Runway event. The wearable art design award is sponsored by Elaine Polvinen, Professor and coordinator of the Fashion Technology Program.  

Nancy Belfer

Nancy Belfer will be the judge for the $500.00 Wearable Art Design award that is sponsored by Professor Polvinen.

Nancy Belfer is a retired professor from the Design Department at Buffalo State College, where her teaching responsibilities were in the areas of textile weaving and related fiber techniques.  Her MFA is from the School for American Craftsmen at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Her work, in both textiles and mixed-media, has been included in numerous regional and national exhibitions, including the Burchfield Penney Art Center where she had a solo exhibition  in the Sylvia Rosen Gallery and is in the museum collection.  She has been in group shows at the UB Anderson Gallery, the Carnegie Center of the Arts, the Albright Knox Collectors Gallery, Hallwalls, and the Indigo Gallery.

Nancy Belfer is the sponsor of the Senior collection award for Runway 4.0.

Runway 4.0: Nancy Belfer Senior Collection Award

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Runway 4.0: What? Where? When? What Time?

What? For those of you that are not familiar with the Runway events produced by the Fashion Technology Program at Buffalo State College, the Runway event spotlights senior collections from fashion students and students selections. If there is space we add invited alum and instructor  collections and work from WNY designers. This event contains 98-99% original one of a kind fashions. All of the work from students, instructors and alum are one of a kind original fashions. It is a very unique and eclectic event. Here is alink to the ARTVOICE-TV video from Runway 3.0.

When? Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Where? Pierce Arrow Building on Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo New York

What Time? 4Pm and 9 PM show [VIP starts at 7PM]

How much for tickets?

4PM show
Students $10
General $20

9PM Show
General $30.00
VIP $100 [includes reception starting at 7PM]

Where are tickets on sale? Tickets will be on sale starting March 7th, and are available at Wegmans and Rockwell hall.  For VIP tickets call 878-6018, starting March 1st.

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Runway 3.0 Wearable Art Award Winner

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The winner of the $500 Wearable Art Award sponsored by Elaine Polvinen [see: Runway 3.0 Wearable Art Design Award] is Diane Meyer. Diane is an exceptionally talented student that has cross trained in apparel design, fashion & design technologies from the FTT program and fiber design w/Jozef Bajus from the fiber program.

Diane states that her primary creative inspiration for the Technology: Obsession Progression theme has been,

“The construction and destruction of technologically advanced structures through the ages.”

Kuddos Diane!


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