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Alumni Designer Spotlight: Gwendolyn Smith

The theme for Runway 10 is Remember Imagine, which encourages everyone to look at the past and remember where we started, so we are able to look towards the future and what we can achieve. In the final days before the show, we will be looking back at some of our past Runway designers and see where they are now, what lessons Runway taught them, and how they have carried them through life. The next Alumni we will be spotlighting is Gwendolyn Smith.

head shot

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STRATEGIC ILLUSIONS Sponsored by Cotton Incorporated

Strategic Illusions Engineered Garment Project

Strategic Illusions is a Cotton Inc. sponsored collaborative teaching project that included two classes – one is a computer aided design class and the second an advanced garment assembly class. The goal of the advanced engineered garment design teaching project was to develop engineered garment designs for 100% cotton fabric which were designed specifically to incorporate strategically placed wrinkles or ruching to camouflage the naturally occurring wrinkles on the garment. The outcome incorporated integrated multiple surface design techniques and engineered garment design placement which embrace and/or camouflage the natural wrinkling qualities of cotton fabric.

This project included the use of twenty-two custom developed step by step video tutorials to allow students to individually work to advance their creative and technical skills with the initial design process at their own pace. The video tutorials included initial research, photography, and a variety of techniques to develop backgrounds for engineered garments. The video tutorials also included a 3D OptiTex section to show students how to export a garment patterns to Adobe Illustrator. The tutorials also showed how to set-up and prepare the Illustrator file for inserting engineered surface designs into the garments pattern pieces as well as simulated and strategically placed winkles/ruching/textures. Additional videos were developed to instruct students how to virtually test their garments on the custom body scan avatar models that will be wearing their garments. Students also had videos to instruct them how to take snapshots of different views of their virtual 3D garments with and without the custom model.

The students began by developing a concept board, color board and description of their inspiration. The video tutorials guided and encouraged the students to creatively experiment with a variety of techniques to develop engineered garment designs on a prototype sample garment pattern.  During this time a trip to the Buffalo Zoo was arranged where students took many photos of fauna and flora to incorporate into their collection concepts.

Normal wear of a 100% cotton dress or pants would produce naturally occurring wrinkles in specific areas (ex: in the bending areas of the body.) Initially, a basic muslin sheath was wear tested to locate naturally occurring wrinkle areas during normal wear. During the first half of the semester when students were experimenting with techniques, six student models were located and each one underwent a body scan. A customized virtual avatar was developed for each model. Customized garments styles that were all modifications of a fitted long sleeve sheath were developed and one style was assigned to each model. Each student was assigned three garment styles/models and developed two engineered garment designs for each model. Each student developed a minimum of six engineered garment designs for a total of thirty-six engineered garments. These engineered garment designs were designed to strategically integrate with and/or camouflage wrinkles. The garments were all virtually tested and photographed (virtually) by each student.

At the final presentation, each student presented their concept, description, inspirations and color boards in addition to each of six engineered garment designs for a total of 36 engineered garments.  A combination of students and faculty determined which three engineered garment designs best represented the creative and technical range for each student.
SI_conceptsPrinting took place on the departments Mutoh VJ-1638 dual-head Valuejet using Nano Pigments of dyes onto 100% cotton fabric. The fabric is then processed with a Practix Manufacturing OK-08 heat press to set the dye.
si_project2The garments were constructed by students in an Apparel Assembly class.It is intended that this project will integrate with the overall Buffalo State Runway 8.0 theme, Innovation, which will be held on Saturday May 25, 2015.

si_project3Dr. Lynn Boorady
Project under the direction of Elaine Polvinen
Fabric Printing and Setting: Maggie Keef & David Brinson
Muslin Prototypes: Marybeth DiPaola, David Brinson & Lynn Boorady
Garment Assembly Director: Denise Needham

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Runway Info – Save The Date 4/25/15

Fashion Technology Runway 7.0 student fashion show at SUNY Buffalo State.Runway will be held in the Campbell Social hall on Saturday April 25, 2015. This event is the highlight of the year in the fashion department and many students and faculty put a lot of work into this event each year to make it successful. All proceeds from this event fund a department scholarship for FTT students.

The Fashion and Textile Technology Department has an industry based curriculum which means that successful executives from the fashion industry are invited to serve as our jury members and judges. The Jury of Selection determines what garments will be included in the spring fashion show based on the the construction, suitability of fabric used, creativity and how well it meets the needs of your stated target market. Each jury member individually determines how he/she with weigh each criteria and all scores are added together to determine which garments are included in the show line up.

Each jury member has a different role in the fashion industry, therefore their focus will be different when they view the submitted garments. Someone buying for retail may look at the marketability aspect more closely, another juror may feel fabrication or workmanship is most important. Therefore you must take all aspects into consideration when designing/assembling/submitting your garment(s). If you are using a garment made in class, you should be aware that the criteria used for judging is not the same as is used to determine a grade. You may very well receive a high grade in a class and not make it through the jury process or vice versa.

Things to know about the fashion show are included in the link below. Please read all sections so that you are thoroughly informed of all areas!

Click RW8_PAMPHLET_FINAL to download!


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Buffalo Spree Magazine: Meet the Senior Designers

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 7.33.26 PM

The buzz is growing around town with 5 days left! Check out this wonderful article by Buffalo State Fashion student Alison Pieroni for Buffalo Spree Magazine!

Click HERE: http://www.buffalospree.com/Blogs/Style-Council/Annual-2014/Runway-70-Meet-the-Senior-Designers/


-runway team

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Senior Designer Spotlight- Meghan McNicholl

Hatched Couture HC Line Boardnew

Meghan McNicholl ’14, will debut her senior collection of women’s wear at Buffalo State’s Runway 7.0 Annual Fashion Show on May 10. The runway team spoke with her about her design philosophy, involvement in the fashion industry, and her adventure in Runway 7.0.


Fanta: When did you start designing and how did you end up at Buffalo State?

Meghan: I started to design my senior year of high school, that’s when I got more into it. When applying to SUNY Buffalo state I thought it would be a good school to start up construction and also knew they had the 3+1 program with FIT.


Fanta: What inspired your collection for Runway 7.0? 

 Meghan: For this collection I went very bohemian and quirky. I got my inspiration for this design on WGSN, I really loved the neo geo forecast. I thought the cracked egg shells really spoke to the Chrysalis theme of Runway 7.0, with the  life cycle of a bird hatching from an egg.


Fanta: If you could design for one celebrity, who would it be and why?

 Meghan: I would design for the Olsen twins, Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie. I like their style because it more down to earth but still very stylish and unique.


Fanta: Could you give us a little preview of what to expect at Runway? What type of collection are you showing and what’s your color scheme?

Meghan: My collection is very wearable. There are a lot of geometric shapes and ‘cracked’ edge details that make my pieces unique. My color scheme is very light and springy, mixed with earthy tones and a hint of robins egg blue. I also created and digitally printed two of my prints used in my collection!

See Meghan’s collection and more at Runway, May 10th! Click HERE to purchase your tickets today!

Fanta K. ~P.R.

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Want to get involved with Runway 2014?

Fashion Technology Runway 6.0 student fashion show at Buffalo State.Runway will be held in the Campbell Social Hall on Saturday May 10, 2014. The theme this year is “Chrysallis.” Details will soon be posted, thank you for your patience.

– Runway Team




RV2 RV3 RV4Graphic design by Buffalo State student Cody Weiler

Download the full .pdf  HERE —–> BuffState_Fashion_Runway_Pamphlet_v4-2

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Have You Heard The BUZZ…


Is a new media outlet, taking SUNY Buffalo State by storm! The Bengal Buzz(catchy name huh?) founded by Journalism major Steven London and four other Buffalo State students (Kyle Washington, Tia Gadson, Keianna Burton, and Fatoumata Binta Barry) is a publication site “dedicated to putting SUNY Buffalo State and its surrounding community on the map”. Its initial intent was to create a source that was easily accessible and could bring the school together.   The bloggers focus on everything from Fashion, to Relationships, Current Events, Food and Music. There is something for everyone on The Bengal Buzz site.

Building-to-the-runway-620x270bengal buzz

 (Click on the pictures  above to see the videos captured from RUNWAY 6.0)

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the team as they covered the behind the scenes details of RUNWAY 6.0, and I must say they are a professional bunch. With press passes, cameras and note pads in hand they took into account  all the details and hard work that went into putting on this years RUNWAY show. After the show I got a chance to mix and mingle with founder Steven London and here’s what he had to say:

Q: Who is your target Audience?
A: “With Buffalo State being our school and what the website is based around, we wanted to target every student, faculty member, and staff here. If you’re an individual who’s into Pop Culture you will also love the website.”
Q: What made you decide on “The Bengal Buzz”?
A: “There are countless of great options of organizations of communication on campus, The Record, BSCTV, and WBNY is perfect – but I wanted something that would bring the school together to one place. Something fast, easily accessible, and consistent. An online publication seemed perfect. Of course, pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism for the Entertainment industry, I wanted to showcase my passion for that as well.”
Q: Where do you see this organization going?
A: “Ultimately, I want to make The Bengal Buzz a project that stays on campus forever. Post-Graduation, I want to leave the organization in great hands by selecting a perfect executive board of students who can continue on producing and reporting content. This is underway as we are expanding the brand. We also plan to launch a successful radio show (BuzzRadio) coming in the fall (crossing fingers) which will be under  93.1 WBNY; also launching a YouTube Channel (BuzzTV) with a countless number of small shows that showcase our student bodies talent which would be following in the footsteps of our current show: “Fashion State of The Union”, also found on our website.”
To get more from The Bengal Buzz you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube page.
-Jude G

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