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The Cinderella Project @ Runway 3.0

Runway 3.0 is fortunate to have another edition of  The Cinderella Project 2010 exhibited this coming Saturday. The exhibit is created by Design department students of Carol Townsend.  Some of this year’s creations are pictured above.

Students enrolled in Introduction to Three-Dimensional Design II reinterpreted a footwear item using a minimum of two materials, making a connection between title and image, concept and three-dimensional form, thereby transforming the viewer’s perception of reality. This objective and subjective perceptual transformation can actually shake up notions of politics, nature, technology, and personal or social space.

If you have further questions about The Cinderella Project exhibit, please contact Carol Townsend, Associate Professor, Buffalo State Design Department at 716-878-4986 or via email at townseca@buffalostate.edu

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Here is a link to last years Cinderella exhibit at Runway 2.0.





Runway 3.0 will be held on Saturday, May 1st, 2010, with a presentation of Buffalo State College’s Fashion program senior designers, fiber design students, alumni, and local designers. There will be two shows: 4pm & 9pm. All proceeds go to the Fashion Technology Scholarship Fund.

The current Runway event is made possible due to support from a wide scale campus/community collaboration. The Runway production is a class of fashion students that are guided by Erin Habes. The senior collections are created in a class guided by David Brinson.

The growth of the Runway event is a result of support from the Fashion Technology program and faculty, The Fashion Advisory Board [especially Genesee Community College], the Technology Department the School of Professions, the Burchfield Penney Art Center, College Relations, Instructional Resources, Events Management and numerous other campus support services. It is becoming a showcase for Design student exhibits [Students of Jozef Bajus and Carol Townsend] as well as incorporating a special section into the Runway show for original fashion designs created by students of Jozef Bajus. This year, in addition to the $1000.00 Nancy Belfer award for the senior collection, there will be a $500.00 award sponsored by Elaine Polvinen for the Art-to-Wear design student category of the show. Also new this year, we welcome the participation of the Hospitality Department. The hospitality students will be catering the VIP pre-party and the post Runway dessert reception. The event is supported by the participation of alumni and WNY designers and members of the business community. A special thankyou to the Fashion Research Institute for working with our student designers on their special Runway project.

The fashion program and students are deeply indebted to all who have offered support for this event.


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