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Senior Spotlight: Meisha Larkins

The theme for Runway 10 is Remember Imagine, which encourages everyone to look at the past and remember where we started, so we are able to look towards the future and what we can achieve. Leading up to the show, we will be focusing in on each of our senior designers and learning about the road that lead them to where they are now. The next senior designer we will be spotlighting is Meisha Larkins.


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Inside Runway Featured Senior Designer: Danielle Nieder

With the weeks leading up to Runway this is your inside preview to the big show on the April 27th. Every Friday til the day of the show we will feature a senior designer that will be showing their collections in Runway this spring. Each week the designers will share their creative insight to how they interpret this seasons “Year of the City” theme.


Q: What path lead you to do what you’re doing now?
Danielle Nieder: I learned to sew while I was younger, then came back to it when I was in high school. It’s my passion. I love it and it’s something I want career-wise.

Q: What other projects are you working on outside of Runway?
DN: I did work with my friend that goes to Daemon for graphic design, for a project they had where they had to turn a shape into something real. Which we took a square with a line connected to it and made like a wire cage dress out of it and we did a photo shoot and I guess it got put into a gallery or something. And I also work at Tony Walker as a seamstress and I get a lot of side projects from that. For cotton Inc I’m doing a collections with my partner Heather Sloma. We’re doing a sportswear line. Our theme was kind of based around. It’s called ‘Beyond Earth’ so its galaxies and stars, stuff like that. We had to fabrics printed, now we’re just working on putting that together for the show also. 


Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

DN: I go towards a lot of architecture. Looking at different shapes and textures and stuff from that. But really it comes from anywhere. Sometimes it can be a shape or just food and it will spark an idea. My biggest inspiration design wise from thins collections would probably be a lot of older Victorian.. Sort of like a regal classic look.


Q: What would be your dream design job?

DN: What I want to do is work directly with consumers to make custom garments. So i want to work with them and help their visions and their ideas and actually construct them.


Q: Is there a specific niche within the garment making field that you prefer doing?

DN: I haven’t tried menswear yet and that’s something I need to tackle. I usually stick more with women’s, but specifically no I like being challenged and doing things in a lot of areas.


Q: What changes would you like to see in the design community within the next 5-10 years?

DN: Well at the consumer level it would be great if people could appreciate the fine handwork and detail more. It used to be that people appreciated the fine craftsmanship and now its all just fast-fashion, Forever 21, just slap it together and throw it away. It doesn’t matter if clothes last. People don’t have that appreciation anymore and I’d really like that to come back.


Q: What sets you apart from other designers?
DN: Hmm. I have to think on that one for a minute. Well I think everyone has their own very specific style and like once you figure that out you’re sort of identified by that. Like everyone knows Betsey Johnson, you see her stuff out there and you know its her. Or like Ralph Lauren, stuff like that. I think that with everyone having their own specific thing that identifies you. I like mixing sort a vintage kind of look with modern styles that have an edge. Like my collection now everything is fitted at the waist and there is a lot of flowing draped details but there is also studs, chains, and harder fabric. I bring those two together.


Q: Design related or not, can you name 3 things that have been the most beneficial to your growth as a designer?

DN:  Definitely the pattern making classes. I would have no idea what to do without those. Being a seamstress, that’s made a huge difference in understanding what proper fit is for certain garments. And um, just understanding making a balance between making your work be your art and it being sell-able. Like having a market for you work.


Q: How do you prepare for Runway?

DN: Cut down on sleep! I definitely try to do as much as possible in my spare time and constantly thinking about it. And uhm it took me quite a while to build up what I actually wanted to do for my inspiration. That probably took me half a semester last year. So I was just constantly on Pinterest and looking at stores for ideas for a particular style of clothing. Oh, I forgot the question.. I was going a little too far. But yeah I just try to really get a grasp on what I want to do and just have that keeping my motivated to keep work.


Q: What is your favorite part of being included in Runway?

DN: Watching everyone else have theirs come together while yours does. We all kind of bounce ideas off of each other and you know like “What do you think of this?” and “What fabric should I use for this?”. That’s been kind of cool and it’s really awesome to have people go through it with you and all at the same points you know



Follow Danielle Nieder on Facebook and Instagram @niederdn

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Interview: Single-Item Designer Elizabeth Knights

The Single-Item Collection this year at Runway 5.0 features an incredible array of pieces designed by Buffalo State College students from a variety of majors and backgrounds. We recently interviewed Elizabeth Knights, a freshman at Buffalo State College, to learn about her journey and plans for the future, along with her inspiration for Runway 5.0!

RW: Tell me a little about yourself (where you are from, age, hobbies)?

EK: My name is Elizabeth Knights,  I am from a small town called Dansville, New York about an hour and a half south east of Buffalo. I am 18 years old and a freshman at Buffalo State College. My hobbies include photography, fishing, thrifting, camping, and rust printing (which you will see in my garment in Runway). I am a “well-rounded” person and I enjoy many types of activities, I am always up for new ones as well. But I primarily spend most of my time with classes, working, keeping my grades up, and creating garments for shows. 


RW: Why did you ultimately pick Buffalo State College to kick-start your fashion career?

EK: Being from a very small town I thought Buffalo would be a good step before going to NYC to study. I chose Buffalo State College because a former student from my old high school encouraged me with her success story and explained how Buffalo State prepared her for the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I also found that this school has a great level of diversity, and being from a small town, I thought it would be good for me to experience different types of people, and would contribute to life lessons!


RW: How have you developed as a designer since you entered BSC?

EK: Though I am just a freshman, I still have grown as a designer. I feel that because I have done three shows, including Runway for my freshman year, I have found how much time and effort it truly takes to create a line! I think that the shows really gave me confidence as a skill more then anything. I have been told that “city kids” have a greater opportunity in the fashion world versus small town people like myself. Now I see  that it’s not where you’re from , but where  your talent will take you. As a designer you need confidence in your work, and this year has brought me that! 


RW: Where have you drawn your inspiration from for you Runway 5.0 collection?

EK: I chose the category of Primal Vs. Futuristic. When I thought of these two, I thought of rust printing, a printing process that my art teacher Ms. Traynor taught me.  Rust printing is exactly what it sounds like, you literally make prints with rusty objects. The prints are experimental and always turn out different,which is why I love it so much! I used this print to portray the primal aspect of the piece because of the browns, tans and “earthy” colors that are created while rust printing. When I thought of futuristic I thought of shiny metallic colors. I incorporated this as well into my piece. 


RW: Where do you plan on taking your fashion career in the future?

EK: Because I am a freshman Im unaware of where I see myself in the future.  I just hope to stay on track here at Buffalo State College and transfer in a few years to the Fashion Institute of Technology where I can fulfill and plan the rest of my journey! 


RW: Who is your designer or style icon?

EK: My designer icon is junior designer Danny Ramon Marcelino, a current student at Buffalo State College. He is a great inspiration and motivator and has encouraged me throughout my entire freshman year to participate in Runway! He told me that he knows so many designers who wish they had started young, this is why he pushed me to start as a freshman. Not only is he a great successful inspiration to me, but he is a great designer and knows what he is doing. I love that Danny is such a “well-rounded” type of person, you can tell within his work and with how he interacts with people. I could go on and on about how much I love him, but at the end of the day he truly is the one who pushed me to audition for Runway! Thank You Danny!

Come see Elizabeth this Saturday  at Runway 5.0! Tickets are on sale! You can purchase your tickets for both shows at two locations; Rockwell Hall at Buffalo State College, or through any WNY Wegmans!

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New Era & Vitamin Water T-Shirt Design Contest

Submissions for the New Era & Vitamin Water T-Shirt Design Contest are due in less than 1 week! Please submit all completed designs to BSCRunway@gmail.com.  Designs should be in four colors or less (or the shirt color can be the 5th color utilized in the design). The source file should be submitted in vector format with each color on its’ own layer. Feel free to e-mail BSCRunway@gmail.com with any more questions. Eight designs will be selected and shown at Runway 5.0 in its’ own section styled by New Era on April 21st, 2012. One of the eight winners will receive a $250 scholarship, and their shirt will be produced on YouandWho.com. When the winning design is sold, the proceeds from You and Who will be going to the Buffalo State College Fashion Technology Department! They will also be donating a meal to the Buffalo City Mission

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