Runway 4.0: Wearable Art & Fiber Design Basket Award

The recipient of the $500.00 Wearable Art Award sponsored by Professor Elaine Polvinen is Jacklyn Hooper. Some of her pieces are below.

 The Rice Rafferty fiber design basket of inspirational supplies was presented to Erin Curry in the fiber studio at Buffalo State College by Carol Ann Rice Rafferty. From left to right below: Professor Jozef Bajus, Professor Elaine Polvinen, Erin Curry and Carol Ann Rice Rafferty.

Erin’s art to wear is pictured below.

Erin Curry

Erin Curry


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Runway 4.0: Eastman Award

The Eastman Award [$500] sponsored by Eastman Foundation is presented to the outstanding fashion outfit by an underclassman [freshman, sophomore, junior].

Marla Coniglio

 The judge for this award was Marla Coniglio. She is the Executive VP of Sales for Eastman Machine Company,  she has been with the company for 24 years. Marla serves on the Board of the Eastman Foundation and has been involved with many local not for profit organizations. She is an core member of the FTT Runway Board.

  It was awarded to Dany Marcelino. Below is a photo of Dany’s fashion outfits taken by Nate Benson.

Dany Marcelino, photo by Nate Benson

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Runway 4.0 Senior Collection Awards

All of the senior collections were excellent, kuddos to all seniors for your hard work and dedication.
1 st place award of $1000 sponsored by Nancy Belfer for senior collection – Lauren Rogers

2 nd place award of $750 sponsored by the Research Foundation for senior collection – Rose Hraska

3rd place award of $500 sponsored by the Research Foundation for senior collection – Emily Tolnay

1st place Award RUnway 4.0
Lauren Rogers – 1st place Nancy Belfer Award

Interview with Senior Designer Lauren Rogers

Rose Hraska 2nd place Research Foundation award

Interview with Senior Designer Rose Hraska

Emily Tolnay 3rd place Research Foundation Award

Interview with Senior Designer Emily Tolnay

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Runway 4.0: Order a Video

CLICK HERE to order Runway 4.0 video for $20.00

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Runway 4.0: Senior Collection Sneak Preview

Which collection do you like? Runway 4.0 tickets are still available – information here: TICKET INFO LINK
UPDATE: password is off – today is the day! Tickets still available at the door.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The theme for Runway 4.0 is FASHION DIVERSITY MASH

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Fashion Diversity is about researching, exploring and understanding differences and embracing and celebrating the rich global, historical and economic dimensions of them.

The concept of the fashion diversity mash theme means understanding that each individual inspiration that was researched to develop patterns, embellishments and fashion garment styling is distinctive. Those diverse differences are celebrated in the aesthetics of a newly created fashion. Fashion Diversity Mash is about opposites and/or multiple elements attracting, combining to form something new and unique.

Diverse fashion mash inspirations can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or any other multi cultural ideologies. The designers Intentionally collide and combine multi cultural potpourri [Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North and South America, all points urban and country], trends, techniques, materials, styling.



[tribal/ethnic/global artisans/potpourri]

  • Incongruous lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness.
  • A combination of odd things.
  • Techniques, materials, cultures linked together.
  • Symbols, and rituals are the tangible or visual aspects of the practices of a culture.
  • Traditional cultural/tribal arts are celebrated.



  • Past historical cultures and eras, past travel memories reinterpreted. Emphasis is on the basics, exploration of everyday materials, recycle, reinventing, turning a mash up of cultural manufactured and natures trash into treasures, natural fibers, traditional patchwork, weaves, garment styling technically fused into something new.
  • Rejection of excess global mass market consumption. Reaction against consumerism and the power politics of couture fashion.
  • Non-traditional solutions for traditional styles and patterns integrated in many ways.


[whims, daydream, imagination, experimentation]

  • Childhood and/or historical reinterpreted for the world of today.
  • Cartoon, avatars, super hero’s, Gods and Goddesses, Kings & Queens, techno ,manga, pop culture past, present and futuristic representations of fashion [garment styling, fabrics, patterns and embellishments] mashed together to create something aesthetically new.
  • New mental and physical experiences immerse the viewer in emotional technology.
  • As the barriers between the real and virtual worlds come down, a psychedelic aesthetic emerges.



  • Research diverse eras of the classical past of art, architecture, sculpture and fashion to find inspirations to fuse into a historical/contemporary classical fashion mash to represent this direction.
  • Minimalist, less is more.
  • Classic clean style lines modernized, with tailoring and/or color blocking and/or deconstruction.

Download Runway 4.0: Fashion Diversity Mash Theme PDF file HERE.

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