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Runway 4.0: Wearable Art & Fiber Design Basket Award

The recipient of the $500.00 Wearable Art Award sponsored by Professor Elaine Polvinen is Jacklyn Hooper. Some of her pieces are below.

 The Rice Rafferty fiber design basket of inspirational supplies was presented to Erin Curry in the fiber studio at Buffalo State College by Carol Ann Rice Rafferty. From left to right below: Professor Jozef Bajus, Professor Elaine Polvinen, Erin Curry and Carol Ann Rice Rafferty.

Erin’s art to wear is pictured below.

Erin Curry

Erin Curry


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Runway 3.0 Fiber Design Accessories & Wearable Art

A very special new element has been added to Runway 3.0 from the  Fiber Design program in the Design Department at Buffalo State College. In addition to a new Jozef Bajus student created mini-exhibit titled,  “Fiber Design: Fashion Accessory Project,” the Fiber Program will have a special wearable art section in the Runway event.

A recent post titled Runway 3.0 Wearable Art Design Award details the new award sponsored by Elaine Polvinen and the judge for the award, Ginny O’Brien.

Professor Bajus details the fiber design student participation in Runway 3.0 below:

Fiber/Design Program display: while exploring the traditional and non traditional forms of the fan and telling a story connected with our past, family or friends were essential during the creative process.

Surprising combinations of different materials – paper, wood, cloth, threads, wire, plastic and everyday material, and exploring ranges of techniques such as felting, embroidery, shibori, papermaking and mixed media was an exciting part of the creative process. 

“Wearable Art” – garments and accessories at the show are specifically related to the Runway3.0 Technology: Obsession Progression theme.  Our main focus was on concepts, aesthetics, searching for final form and presentation of the artworks. Part of the wearable art collection will be also included in a special category of the fashion show. The process trail of the fan and the wearable art assignment was documented in a journals which contains research, inspirations, concepts, sketches, and photo images of the final artworks.

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 Here is a link to the RUNWAY 2.0 Hats Exhibit from Runway 2.0.

Stephanie Abelson, a fiber design major, one of the many talented students that is participating in the Runway 3.0 fiber design mini exhibit and wearable art on the runway will be holding a solo gallery exhibit to showcase her skillful, creative work.  Stephanie’s exhibit, warped works, will debut this Friday at 464 Art Gallery on Amherst Street. Here is a link to an article about her exhibit in Buffalo Rising titled, warped works.