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While your getting ready for RUNWAY 6.0 get to know our sponsors (Positive Approach)



 Local business Positive Approach has collaborated with the Erica Hoerner Scholarship fund to produce the T-shirts that will be on sale at tomorrows RUNWAY 6.0 show. All proceeds will be going to the scholarship fund. Here’s a look into how the guys got started…


What got you guys started?

Justin and I started printing shirts out of our parents’ basements while in high school and thought it would be cool to bring our product to an environment that was easier to share. We were heavy into bikes at the time. We didn’t really know a thing about running a business, so we chose a store where we saw active people like ourselves all the time; the Elmwood Village. 

Positive Approach started as a project focused toward promoting an overall positive attitude through clothing. Whether our supporters took it for personal motivation or saw a bigger picture there, it was all up to them. We printed all of our goods USA made and “eco-friendly”.  The name was a spin off of 1980s punk band called Negative Approach. 

How did you end up collaborating with the scholarship group?

We thought it would be proper for us to work with the Erika Hoerner Scholarship group simply because we knew Erika and wanted to help where we could. We thought we would be able to provide the best service and product to the people involved. We print everything by hand so we are able to control every aspect of the process. Sam Visone originally approached us about helping, so we owe thanks to her for the opportunity. 

How do you feel about Buffalo as a city contributing to your brand?

Buffalo has been awesome in helping our brand survive. We have never paid for advertising so 99% of the time someone trusts us with their custom orders or buys goods from our store, its because someone who appreciates our work told them about us. In the future, Positive Approach will expand to another city, and then hopefully another after that. We will always have our hub in Buffalo.

Are any of you Alumni?

I enrolled to Buffalo State out of high school knowing nothing about what I wanted to study. I became interested in photography through my friends, which carried over into graphic design and printmaking. I was familiar with these studies by the nature in printing, working with bands I was friends with. I studied graphic design for a couple years and took alot of what I learned with me to operate the store now. I owe thanks to my professor and friend Mike Anthony. 
Thank you to the Erika Hoerner Scholarship fund and anyone involved. Of course, thank you to anyone who supports Positive Approach

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