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Official Runway 3.0 Photos

Bruce Fox

Bruce Fox who is the Buffalo State College Photography and Graphics Coordinator has completed the official Buffalo State College Runway 3.0 photographs.

On behalf of all the students, faculty, volunteers and on and off campus support  – thank you Bruce for documenting this event for the campus.
You can access of the official campus images by clicking HERE. Just click on an image and then keep clicking in NEXT to scroll through all images.
For permission to use the images contact Bruce Fox at Foxba@buffalostate.edu

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Runway 3.0 Wearable Art Award Winner

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The winner of the $500 Wearable Art Award sponsored by Elaine Polvinen [see: Runway 3.0 Wearable Art Design Award] is Diane Meyer. Diane is an exceptionally talented student that has cross trained in apparel design, fashion & design technologies from the FTT program and fiber design w/Jozef Bajus from the fiber program.

Diane states that her primary creative inspiration for the Technology: Obsession Progression theme has been,

“The construction and destruction of technologically advanced structures through the ages.”

Kuddos Diane!


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Runway 3.0 Nancy Belfer Senior Collection Award Winner

Photo by Bruce Fox

The winner of the $1000 Nancy Belfer Senior Collection Award for Runway 3.0 is Tess Hinterbichler. Congratulations Tess on an outstanding collection!

Tess is an FTT Apparel Design Major whose interests lie within fashion illustration, computer aided design programs and garment construction.

According to Tess, she:

“was inspired by the architecture of the Musée du Louvre in Paris, which is both modern and traditional. Functionality and innovation are two key terms that come to my mind when dealing with technology. The function or purpose of my technology is transformation. I incorporated wire into certain seam-lines of my garments so that they can be morphed into a different look. That is what technology is meant for, to make life a little bit easier, a little more fun and a little more carefree!

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Runway 3.0 Evening Show @ 9PM

I did not think it would be possible for the evening show to outdo the afternoon show but the sold out evening show was absolutely enchanting. The ambiance of the historical Pierce arrow building was a perfect setting to the Technology: Obsession Progression Runway 3.0 theme. The students from Erin Habes fashion show production class handled everything very professionally and I received multiple compliments about the production staff. All of the student designers shined as well as the models. I received many positive comments about the models and the quality and originality of the students designs.
Stephen Burgeson’s  hospitality students did an excellent job on the pre-event VIP reception as well as the post event dessert reception. Jozef Bajus and Carol Townsend’s student exhibit reflected a totally distinctive and eclectic exhibition of fiber accessories, wearable art and the Cinderella Show Project. Everyone loved it!

Overall this was an exceptionally positive experience. David Brinson’s senior project students [profiles above] developed some really creative and unique collections.  Erin Habes did a marvelous job with the production class this year. The Runway 3.0 production was especially big challenge this year because it represented the very first totally stand-alone independently funded production by the Fashion Program.

A special thank you to all community and campus supporters, FTT Advisory Board members, students and volunteers.  Without your support Runway 3.0 would not have been possible.

Below is a gallery of the VIP reception before the event and the Fiber Accessories and Wearable Art and Cinderella Project installations. All other evening raw photos are on this FLICKR link.

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More information and photos of the Cinderella Project exhibit at this post:  The Cinderella Project @ Runway 3.0

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