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Interview with Rose Hraska: Runway 4.0 Research Foundation Winner

Runway is all about connecting with past, present, and future Buffalo State College Fashion Technology students in all aspects of the fashion industry. We are excited to interview an array of students for our blog in preparation for this year’s Runway 5.0. This week, we interview Rose Hraska, Runway 4.0’s Research Foundation Winner for the Senior Design Collection:

RW: Tell me a few things about yourself and your involvement in the fashion industry?

RH: Since graduating last May, I am currently at FIT in a one year program in Textile Development and Marketing. It’s a really amazing program, and I am learning a lot!  This semester I am fortunate enough to be working at Milly in the production department, which is a lot of fun!  I am currently helping out with their new collection which is a really exciting process!

RW: How has your experiences at Buffalo State College in the Fashion & Textile Technology program prepare you for your current endeavors? 

RH: The experience I gain from learning from the professors at Buffalo State College greatly helped me while I was a student there, as well as after graduation.  I apply all the skills I learned from the classes there in my internship as well as in all of my classes this semester.  Especially the pattern making and draping classes, which I really loved.  I am actually working on another collection right now, and the pattern making and draping classes I took are really helping me out!  (As well as the couture sewing class!):

RW: What was your most memorable experience at Buffalo State College?

RH: Definitely one of my best memories at Buffalo State College was taking part in Runway 4.0. Taking part in the runway show and being able to watch my collection go down the runway was such a memorable event.

RW: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Is it fashion-related?:

RH: That’s so far from now! I haven’t even decided what I will be doing after I graduate in May!  But I definitely plan on being in the fashion industry ten years from now.  There are so many different careers that I find interesting that its hard for me to choose.  I might end up going back to FIT next fall for a Technical Design/Pattern making degree because thats something that I really enjoy doing.

RW: What advice would you give for both upcoming and graduating students?

RH: I would advise all these students to take advantage of every opportunity that you can get at Buffalo State! And network when ever you can, because you never know who you might meet.

Stay tuned for interviews with other past winners, alumni, and of course, this year’s senior designers!


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Runway 4.0: Wearable Art & Fiber Design Basket Award

The recipient of the $500.00 Wearable Art Award sponsored by Professor Elaine Polvinen is Jacklyn Hooper. Some of her pieces are below.

 The Rice Rafferty fiber design basket of inspirational supplies was presented to Erin Curry in the fiber studio at Buffalo State College by Carol Ann Rice Rafferty. From left to right below: Professor Jozef Bajus, Professor Elaine Polvinen, Erin Curry and Carol Ann Rice Rafferty.

Erin’s art to wear is pictured below.

Erin Curry

Erin Curry

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Runway 4.0: Eastman Award

The Eastman Award [$500] sponsored by Eastman Foundation is presented to the outstanding fashion outfit by an underclassman [freshman, sophomore, junior].

Marla Coniglio

 The judge for this award was Marla Coniglio. She is the Executive VP of Sales for Eastman Machine Company,  she has been with the company for 24 years. Marla serves on the Board of the Eastman Foundation and has been involved with many local not for profit organizations. She is an core member of the FTT Runway Board.

  It was awarded to Dany Marcelino. Below is a photo of Dany’s fashion outfits taken by Nate Benson.

Dany Marcelino, photo by Nate Benson

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Runway 4.0 Senior Collection Awards

All of the senior collections were excellent, kuddos to all seniors for your hard work and dedication.
1 st place award of $1000 sponsored by Nancy Belfer for senior collection – Lauren Rogers

2 nd place award of $750 sponsored by the Research Foundation for senior collection – Rose Hraska

3rd place award of $500 sponsored by the Research Foundation for senior collection – Emily Tolnay

1st place Award RUnway 4.0
Lauren Rogers – 1st place Nancy Belfer Award

Interview with Senior Designer Lauren Rogers

Rose Hraska 2nd place Research Foundation award

Interview with Senior Designer Rose Hraska

Emily Tolnay 3rd place Research Foundation Award

Interview with Senior Designer Emily Tolnay

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Runway 4.0: Order a Video

CLICK HERE to order Runway 4.0 video for $20.00

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Runway 4.0: Senior Collection Sneak Preview

Which collection do you like? Runway 4.0 tickets are still available – information here: TICKET INFO LINK
UPDATE: password is off – today is the day! Tickets still available at the door.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The theme for Runway 4.0 is FASHION DIVERSITY MASH

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Interview with Senior Designer Nora CLark

Q: Most inspirational and stylish movie you’ve ever seen?

A: For some reason this question is a challenge for me. Any movie basically, Costume designers command a lot of my respect.

Q: Who/what is your greatest source of inspiration?

A: My surroundings are my greatest inspiration. My friends, my music, and where I live currently, just everything that surrounds me.

Q: Your favorite pair of shoes?

A: Anything having to do with boots, I am just a huge fan of boots.

Q: What is in your purse?

A: I actually avoid carrying a purse with me. My jacket pockets on the other hand feel the blow of that situation. My pockets are filled with receipts, wrappers, and pens/pencils.

Q: Which style magazines do you read?

A: I don’t usually go out of my way to read style magazines. The one magazine that I do enjoy and has some inspiration would be Vice Magazine. Besides the fantastic Do’s or Don’ts option you can check out, they also do an international street wear look out. Street wear is great because I love seeing how creative people get with their personal style.

Q: If you could give one piece of style advice, what would it

A: I would say my most helpful advice would be to just completely stop wearing string backpacks. I know this may disappoint a hand full of you out there but to honest I just don’t see the point of having them. If everyone could just stick to just a plain backpack, it would be a better look, and better on your shoulders/posture.

Q: How have you developed your style?

A: I have gone through just many years of trail runs. People grow, and as people grow, people develop themselves. That is the beauty of fashion, not necessarily the fact that you maybe wearing wearable art, but also the fact that fashion can be defined as a million different things. Everyone has his or her own interpretation, which just simply fascinates me.

Q: Who most inspires your fashion style?

A: Everyone ;]

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