Runway Info – Save The Date 4/25/15

Fashion Technology Runway 7.0 student fashion show at SUNY Buffalo State.Runway will be held in the Campbell Social hall on Saturday April 25, 2015. This event is the highlight of the year in the fashion department and many students and faculty put a lot of work into this event each year to make it successful. All proceeds from this event fund a department scholarship for FTT students.

The Fashion and Textile Technology Department has an industry based curriculum which means that successful executives from the fashion industry are invited to serve as our jury members and judges. The Jury of Selection determines what garments will be included in the spring fashion show based on the the construction, suitability of fabric used, creativity and how well it meets the needs of your stated target market. Each jury member individually determines how he/she with weigh each criteria and all scores are added together to determine which garments are included in the show line up.

Each jury member has a different role in the fashion industry, therefore their focus will be different when they view the submitted garments. Someone buying for retail may look at the marketability aspect more closely, another juror may feel fabrication or workmanship is most important. Therefore you must take all aspects into consideration when designing/assembling/submitting your garment(s). If you are using a garment made in class, you should be aware that the criteria used for judging is not the same as is used to determine a grade. You may very well receive a high grade in a class and not make it through the jury process or vice versa.

Things to know about the fashion show are included in the link below. Please read all sections so that you are thoroughly informed of all areas!

Click RW8_PAMPHLET_FINAL to download!

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Buffalo Spree Magazine: Meet the Senior Designers

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 7.33.26 PM

The buzz is growing around town with 5 days left! Check out this wonderful article by Buffalo State Fashion student Alison Pieroni for Buffalo Spree Magazine!

Click HERE:


-runway team

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Something Sweet At Runway!


This year’s Runway gets a dose of sweet fashion, along with a sweet drink!

Tim Hortons US Cafe & Bake Shop has launched its official drink of summer—Frozen Hot Chocolate. Made fresh with real cream, blended with chocolaty syrup then layered with chocolaty whipped topping and drizzle and served icy-cold.

General ticket guests at both shows [3pm & 8pm] will be able to try this new delectable drink at Runway, in the Tim Horton’s chocolate lounge.


Thank you Tim Horton’s for your support.

Tickets are still available online at: Brown Paper Tickets


-runway team

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Senior Designer Spotlight- Amy Tang ’14

Final line bd 5 pieces

A Hong Kong native, Amy’s Chrysalis collection was inspired by the shape and design of the butterfly wings. Our Runway team was fortunate to hear her story behind her collection, Butterfly Effect.


Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from?

My name is Chingsum-Tang but I prefer to be called Amy. I’m from Hong Kong, and I enjoy talking to people.


What inspired you to become a designer?
I was a business major my first year in college. I felt that my creativity was not being challenged enough and I wanted to spread my wings. It wasn’t until my aunt helped me realize how good I was at fashion, that I decided to change my major. It was the best decision I ever made, I love it!


Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

The inspiration began with the idea of rebirth, from the darkness of the cocoon the butterfly emerges. The beauty that is displayed is showcased in my Runway 7.0 collection. From the design and color on the wings to the shape, I was inspired to create a day to night collection.

See Amy’s collection and more next Saturday – May 10th! Click HERE for tickets!


-Runway Team

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Student Producer Spotlight: TJ Singletary


How would you describe your position for RUNWAY 7.0?

I am the student producer of the fashion show; which entails overseeing and distributing tasks to the production crew/class. I’ve been lucky to have this experience to add to my portfolio. Buffalo is a very supportive community and I’m looking forward to producing more shows locally.


This is the first year, the Runway Student Producer will be hosting the show. Are you nervous?

It’s going be something new, but if I can handle the backstage chaos the front-of-house should be a cinch! With that said the nerves are starting to grow with one week away…bring on the Runway!


Here’s the BIG question…what will you be wearing?

Let’s just say it will be “crossing boundaries” with inspiration from some of the senior designer collections.


So what is next after Buffalo State, will we see you producing fashion shows for MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK?

That’s my goal! Until then, I’ll be keeping it local. This summer I’m producing a show called Panorama, which will be a full body experience. The production company I’ve created is called Crossing Boundaries, and our first show will be July 12th at the Pierce Arrow Film Center.

Thank you TJ and we can’t wait to see you on the Runway! Good luck and break a leg!

Get your tickets before they sellout….click HERE!


-runway team


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RUNWAY 7.0 – Scholarship Highlights

Ragot2Runway 2013 winner Lucile Ragot


Every year the Fashion and Textile Technology department at Buffalo State offers various scholarships and financial aid to their students. For this year’s annual Runway 7.0 fashion show, three scholarships have been offered. Departmental scholarships such as the Elaine Polvinen Scholarship ($775) and the Marion T. Swenson Scholarship ($875) were available for FTT students in Junior or Senior status. Students who had interest in these scholarships were asked to compose a 1-2 page paper letter stating their activities and intentions as a student as well as their career goals and how this scholarship will help them achieve their future goals. They must have completed 15 credit hours of work in FTT. In addition, must be returning to Buffalo State in the fall or traveling abroad. The winner of these scholarships will be awarded Fall 2014.

Runway Awards- to be announced after the 8pm show

Complete set of professional shears courtesy of Eastman Machine, Coats & Clark thread pack, PGM Dress form and photo shoot with Luke Copping.

Nancy Belfer is a fiber and mixed-media artist and professor emerita at the Design Department at Buffalo State College. She received a diploma from the Albright Art School, a Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York College at Buffalo, and a Master of Fine Arts from the School of American Craftsmen at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Professor Belfer has had solo exhibitions at the Sylvia Rosen Gallery at the Burchfield Penney and Indigo Gallery and has also shown at the UB Anderson Gallery, the Carnegie Center for the Arts, the Albright Knox Collectors Gallery, and Hallwells. She is also a Crafts Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts. She has been a mentor and inspiration to a multitude of students and a supporter of the Runway fashion show since its inception. We are grateful for her continued support!


Coats & Clark thread pack, PGM Dress form


PGM Dress form, Coats & Clark thread pack, PGM Dress form


PGM Dress form, Coats & Clark thread pack

The Erika Hoerner Fashion Show Production Award ($1000), is in memory of Erika who was a former Buffalo State Fashion Merchandising student whose life was taken by a drunk driver in February 2011. This award will be given to a fashion merchandising or product development student who was part of this year’s Runway 7.0 production team (FTT452 course). Students interested were asked to compose a 1-2 page letter stating their role in the fashion show production class during the Spring 2014 semester and what they have contributed toward the success of the show. The $1000 award may be divided among more than one student. The winners will be announced at Runway 7.0.

With the success of the Fashion and Textile Technology program being the first official year as a stand-alone department in the new Technology building and another year of Runway in the books – the staff is proud to award these students for their time, effort and passion for not only fashion but for the department.

Tickets for Runway 7.0 are still available, click HERE!

Come support various designers and celebrate with the FTT department Saturday, May 10 at 3pm or 8pm!


Runway Team

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Senior Designer Fashion Spotlight: An Interview with Laura Piccirillo ‘14


A Long Island native, Laura is a “photographer at heart and loves to do anything creative”, including fashion design. With the amount of passion in her, Laura has “landed three internships with professional designers and a New York TIMES photographer.” Our Runway team was fortunate to hear her story behind her collection, Trichromatic, her experience in Runway, as well as her future goals.


How did you get started in design and what inspired you to become a designer? 

I believe we all have great creative ideas, but might not have the skill to express it whether it’s with music, a brush, or design software skills. I have a large respect for fashion and personal style, so I wanted to learn how to make and create clothing from my own ideas. Also being a part of previous design and production teams, as well as assisting at Mass Appeal and Runway shows, I wanted to finish school with a memorable ending.


Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

A lot of research. Comparing, contrasting, and figuring out what needs to be on the forefront in terms of design, material and inspiration. WGSN was a tool I used; special thanks to the department whom provided this access to students. Of course, inspiration also was pulled from people themselves. From living in Long Island, working in NY, studying in Buffalo and abroad in Italy, I’ve been mentally surveying the up-and-coming.


Tell us the theme behind your designs for Runway 7.0

 My collection is called TRICHROMATIC. My theme embodies the way we as humans literally see the ever-changing technological world. The focus is on our optics, the RGB colors we sense, and the overlapping colors they create. I used a hand-woven iridescent silk dupioni as well as pure silk organza to best emphasize this idea. Lastly, my grant-winning custom silk print to tie it all together.


 What are your goals for designing? What type of person do you imagine that you’re designing for?

My goal for designing is to never choose to stop learning. This was a big leap for me; I never really designed anything before this collection. It’s important for me to never cut the momentum off, and to never be afraid to ask questions. Special thanks to Dr. Boorady whom was a great mentor through all of this.

The type of person I image designing for, is someone that is fashion-forward and isn’t afraid to appropriately stand out. I believe my designs, and further designs will be enjoyed by anyone that understands a collection’s accordance with today’s trends, colors, and designs- with of course the designer’s twist.


If you could design for one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Cara Delevingne popped in my head. Perhaps because she has this badass-sexy-grudge attitude in shots. Let’s settle on powerfully one-of-a-kind.


Could you give us a little preview of what to expect at Runway 7.0? What type of collection are you showing? What are the inspirations behind it/the philosophy guiding it?

Expect to see diversity. I know first-hand that we as seniors took this year’s theme “Chrysalis” quite differently. The show will be exciting to not only see our work, but the also the supporting work of other designers around us. TRICHROMATIC is a bold statement. It is a genderless line but not colorless in any sense. It was created on the philosophy of simply being the product and creation of everything that has come before it. It’s not an overwhelmingly in-your-face line; it’s not a recreation of something that has already been done in an overall sense.


Could you talk a little bit about your experience in Runway 7.0? I don’t think a lot of our readers are very clear on what it is/what the experience is like

If only our viewers could have been flies on the wall to everything prior to the show. We aren’t professionals, just young adults with a large sense of potential and momentum. For me, motivation to succeed and to create something great from an 8 month old vision. Let’s just conclude on two words: double all-nighters

As my experience as a whole, It’s fair to say that I have been shown a broad range of there information there is to know. This program built the platform I will take with me after I graduate next weekend. It has been difficult to juggle everything, but I get to walk away with great knowledge from this past semester. From sourcing, planning, doing and redoing, pinning, sewing, ripping, and obsessing over 1/8” difference- I have to see it as an experience that will only bring me bigger and better things.


What can you tell us about the color scheme, construction and how you went about making the collection on the more technical side?

I exacted the SS14 fashion colors to the RGB colors I used, as well as to my organza and custom print. As for construction, I started pattern making but soon came to realize I could not visualize an end product with only this method. I turned to draping as well as combining flat patterns. I created basic muslin samples, and held a good amount of fittings to reach my goal of fit and design. There was a lot to consider as well through the construction process, for example, cutting my silk dupioni a certain way so the audience can see the iridescence from where they are sitting.


What do you think is it about your work that sets you apart?

The ultimate goal of this collection was to be different and refreshing. Not just for the audience but for me as well. My work has 4 solid months of deliberation and research behind it; my theme and fabric set me apart. Lastly, taking risks was a factor of this journey. For example, my silk dupioni is mainly used in Indian dress.


Tickets for Buffalo State’s Runway 7.0 are still available online at Brown Paper Tickets. The show will be held Saturday May 10, at 3p.m. and 8p.m. in Social Hall. 


-runway team

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