Shop for RUNWAY!!!

Join us this Friday at Renew Bath and Body to shop for Runway. Drinks, DJ, shopping will all be included! Renew & In-Room Plus are our VIP sponsors…making that VIP ticket exceptionally special. So come out, support and enjoy with Runway’s Team. See you there!! #G0Runway #11DaysToGo12931059_10153606058123741_2094028650384976651_n

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16 Days til RUNWAY

The countdown to RUNWAY9.0 starts now! Snag a ticket while you still can and enter  to win a VIP trip to New York City! Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.32.36 AM.png

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T-shirt Tuesday!

Don’t forget to stop by the Union or the Fashion Department from 12-1 pm today to drop off your white tees! Eco-lution starts with you! #WhiteTees4Runway

Thanks for your support, see you soon. 😉


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#WhiteTees4Runway ;)


Did you ever think that your used plain white tee could be used for something other than a undershirt or basic shirt? Well… We did!! Runway 9.0 has taken a different turn this year in regards to set design and with doing so we are asking our fellow students, community members, and neighbors to donate any lightly worn plain white tees they no longer use.

We want you all to be amazed at the end product so we are going to keep what we need them for a secret ;). There will be several drop-off locations for you to donate your plain white tees. Renew at 927 Elmwood Ave, Modern Nostalgia Boutique at 1382 Hertel Ave, and the Fashion Department on the Third floor of the Technology Building at Buffalo State College. Don’t miss T-Shirt Tuesday!

Date: March 29, 2016

Ready. Set. Donate.

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Runway 9.0: Introducing our Senior Designers

The theme for the upcoming annual Runway show on April 16th, 2016 at 3PM and 8PM will be Eco-lution. Ecology plus evolution. The 4 primary trend directions include: Digital Wave, Edgelands, Encounter Culture and Pause (SS17 WGSN).

The senior designers are currently working hard to create a collection of 4 garments for Runway. Inspired by this year’s theme, multiple designers are utilizing eco-friendly materials and natural dyes. Take a look at their trend board concepts below for a sneak peek of what’s in store for this year’s show!


Toni Digatti


Veronica Michalek

TB-Jessika Harrison.jpg

Jessika Harrison


Samantha Bingenheimer


Tatiana Antoinette Martin


Naisha Brock


Megan Luongo


Anna Dusza


Andrew Johnson

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A Fundraiser For RUNWAY

Please join us February 27th from 6-8pm at Modern Nostalgia for a special Runway 2016 production fundraiser. Featuring a special silent auction with sewing machine art by Buffalo artists, shopping, drinks, snacks & more!

12657190_1745545219000765_6053333090704108985_oFeatured Artists:
Alix Martin
Peter Fowler
Rich Tomasello
Gerald Mead
Marie-claire Bozant
Thomas James Holt
Vanessa Frost
Chuck Tingley
James Hickey
Jeremy Maxwell
Edreys Wajed
Casey William Milbrand
Makers Buffalo

15% of sales from Modern NostalgiaWrafterbuilt and Emerson James Inc will help fund the prodcution of Runway – which will be help April 16th.


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STRATEGIC ILLUSIONS Sponsored by Cotton Incorporated

Strategic Illusions Engineered Garment Project

Strategic Illusions is a Cotton Inc. sponsored collaborative teaching project that included two classes – one is a computer aided design class and the second an advanced garment assembly class. The goal of the advanced engineered garment design teaching project was to develop engineered garment designs for 100% cotton fabric which were designed specifically to incorporate strategically placed wrinkles or ruching to camouflage the naturally occurring wrinkles on the garment. The outcome incorporated integrated multiple surface design techniques and engineered garment design placement which embrace and/or camouflage the natural wrinkling qualities of cotton fabric.

This project included the use of twenty-two custom developed step by step video tutorials to allow students to individually work to advance their creative and technical skills with the initial design process at their own pace. The video tutorials included initial research, photography, and a variety of techniques to develop backgrounds for engineered garments. The video tutorials also included a 3D OptiTex section to show students how to export a garment patterns to Adobe Illustrator. The tutorials also showed how to set-up and prepare the Illustrator file for inserting engineered surface designs into the garments pattern pieces as well as simulated and strategically placed winkles/ruching/textures. Additional videos were developed to instruct students how to virtually test their garments on the custom body scan avatar models that will be wearing their garments. Students also had videos to instruct them how to take snapshots of different views of their virtual 3D garments with and without the custom model.

The students began by developing a concept board, color board and description of their inspiration. The video tutorials guided and encouraged the students to creatively experiment with a variety of techniques to develop engineered garment designs on a prototype sample garment pattern.  During this time a trip to the Buffalo Zoo was arranged where students took many photos of fauna and flora to incorporate into their collection concepts.

Normal wear of a 100% cotton dress or pants would produce naturally occurring wrinkles in specific areas (ex: in the bending areas of the body.) Initially, a basic muslin sheath was wear tested to locate naturally occurring wrinkle areas during normal wear. During the first half of the semester when students were experimenting with techniques, six student models were located and each one underwent a body scan. A customized virtual avatar was developed for each model. Customized garments styles that were all modifications of a fitted long sleeve sheath were developed and one style was assigned to each model. Each student was assigned three garment styles/models and developed two engineered garment designs for each model. Each student developed a minimum of six engineered garment designs for a total of thirty-six engineered garments. These engineered garment designs were designed to strategically integrate with and/or camouflage wrinkles. The garments were all virtually tested and photographed (virtually) by each student.

At the final presentation, each student presented their concept, description, inspirations and color boards in addition to each of six engineered garment designs for a total of 36 engineered garments.  A combination of students and faculty determined which three engineered garment designs best represented the creative and technical range for each student.
SI_conceptsPrinting took place on the departments Mutoh VJ-1638 dual-head Valuejet using Nano Pigments of dyes onto 100% cotton fabric. The fabric is then processed with a Practix Manufacturing OK-08 heat press to set the dye.
si_project2The garments were constructed by students in an Apparel Assembly class.It is intended that this project will integrate with the overall Buffalo State Runway 8.0 theme, Innovation, which will be held on Saturday May 25, 2015.

si_project3Dr. Lynn Boorady
Project under the direction of Elaine Polvinen
Fabric Printing and Setting: Maggie Keef & David Brinson
Muslin Prototypes: Marybeth DiPaola, David Brinson & Lynn Boorady
Garment Assembly Director: Denise Needham

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